what size would these measurements be?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Dancing, 22 February 2008 Social URL.

  1. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    bust 39
    waist 27
    hips 38

    anyone have any idea? ie size 12/14/16???
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  3. nellis10

    nellis10 Doing it for keeps now!!

    16 up top,
    teeny tiny waist and a 14 on the bottom...I think...

    I'm a 37 at the top now and I'm still a 14/16. But at least my 38C bras actually fit now instead of my falling out at the top, sides, bottoms etc.
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  4. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    so clothes would always be baggy on the waist. ba humbug.

    I have realised that aiming to be a particular size (in my head it was size 12) is not practical as sizes range sooooo much in the shops. There is no true size 12 and I think I'd be dieting down to below healthy bmi to get there (as I'm 5'10 and large bone frame). So I think I'm going to go by measurements and I'll have to be happy with whatever size that is. In some shops it will probably be a 12 and in others a size 16/18. Unfortunately, I really don't believe my breasts will ever go below 38/39 inches. I know my waist can be size 27 as it has been before (and it does look small on me at that measurement). My hips - don't know but I guess they have 6 inches that could still go down the toilet with all the water.

    I don't want to be driven by BMI and I now don't want to be driven by a "size 12". So that leaves measurements (and how I feel about how I look).

    ...........sorry to get hung up on statistics but it is difficult to judge how you look yourself, isn't it.
  5. nellis10

    nellis10 Doing it for keeps now!!

    Did you do over the boob measurement or around the back measurement?
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    you mean now? I'm currently 42.5 inches but am aiming to be smaller by the time I finish. My back is looking quite good but my boobs jut out quite a bit
  7. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    just measured under my breasts so getting just width of my back and it is 36 inches I don't think it could get much below 33/34 as my back is broad.
  8. nellis10

    nellis10 Doing it for keeps now!!

    So you are a 40 something in your bra size then...which is a 16.

    If you went down as far as 33/34 you would be a 38 something...depending on your boob size.

    A 38 is a 14/16 depending on the shape.
  9. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    thanks. I'll settle for 14 on top (see how I ignore the 16) and hope for a 12/14 on the bottom.
  10. Lilly

    Lilly Full Member

    Hi Hun. Hips at 38" are a 10. Your officially skinny!
  11. wigglychick

    wigglychick Silver Member

    Just had a little google because I was curious about sizes too - I'm sure different shops have different size guides because I have different sizes in my wardrobe that fit me at the same time. Here is Next's guide ...

    SINGLE SIZE 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
    bust (inches) 31½ 33 34 35½ 37 39 41 43 45
    waist (inches) 24½ 25½ 27 28 30 32 34½ 37 38½
    hips (inches) 33 34½ 36 37½ 39½ 41½ 43½ 46 48½
  12. nellis10

    nellis10 Doing it for keeps now!!

    Hey! I wasnt far off with my guessing then!!;)

    I want to be 36/24/36 but that is about as likely as a hailstorm in the Sahara!!! :D
  13. Bobbin

    Bobbin Needs a flattering photo

    I used to be a size 12 (in the dim and distant past), nit sure my waist has ever been below 32 though. Maybe thats why Next clothes don't fit me - lol

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    well if thats the case I should be wearing Next's 22's!! I wear 14 trousers and 16 tops!LOL!
  15. silhouettes

    silhouettes Silver Member

    size 14 top and size 12 waist and hips

    M&S Size 12:
    Top Shop Size 12:
    Tesco Size 12:
    Littlewoods Size 12:
    Debenhams Size 12:

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member

    I'm liking debanhams! It all seems so small!
  17. Dutch

    Dutch Goodbye Tum

    I'm finding it wierd all the different sizes. I'm 40 32 41 and can fit in all 14's and one pair of marks and spencers 12's it's odd, oh well, all I know is I'm hugely smaller than I was xx
  18. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    thanks silhouette. dutch I have tried on and bought a size 14 trousers from MK one and two size 14 tops from there (both tops stretchy fabric). I've not been brave enough to try any other shops - I didn't want to find I was living under an illusion of being close to if not already a size 14 and therefore a 12 being very achievable. I guess I'll just have to stop trying to guess what I might be at a certain point and just carry on for the time being. I just feel I need a clear goal to move toward and I can't seem to identify one!!! Makes it that little bit tougher to keep going until the end (whenever that is)

    BIG BIRDY Silver Member


    I tend to shop in Wallis, Next and M&S as their cut seems to fit me, whether I am a 16,14 or12. (i've been them all). Bhs sizes are generous, so for a moral boost (and also cos their jeans fit my shape too) I sometimes buy from there as I can drop a size. It might work for you, but I think different shops fit body shapes differently, New look and river island I just walk past, principles seem tight around the bum, and too small across the shoulders. Even in Next when I was a 12, I had to but some tops in a 16 so I could move my arms. I cut those labels out.
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