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What superfree have you eaten today?


I will be a Princess!
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Hi all!

I thought I'd start a thread where we listed what superfree we've had to eat today as a reminder of how virtuous we're being! :D

So far I've had:

3 clementines
1 apple
A nectarine
A large orange
Loads of mushrooms

In my tea I've got:

More mushrooms
Chopped tinned tomatoes
Fresh chopped cherry tomatoes

Not bad for me, lol! :D
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Great thread!

1 apple mid morning

For lunch: lettuce, grated carrot and jalapenos (do they count?) mixed in my cheesy wrap, with a handful each of baby tomatoes, snap peas and baby sweetcorn on the side.


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OOOH I have just had a salad and hubby declared that it looked like something that should be shared between 4 :p -ok I got a tad carried away...but so far I have had:-

  • 2 apples
  • iceberg
  • cucumber
  • red/yellow toms
  • red peper
  • radish
  • celery
  • onion
  • spring onion
  • tickled bunion
  • beetroot
  • tickled beetroot
  • kraut salat
  • 2 nectrine
  • 6 plumlike things
and now Im trying to NOT listen to the nectarines and plums calling me from the fruit plate :eek: -I swear I really shouldn't be left alone with things like that -still there are worse things I could be munching :D


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I haven't had that much superfree :(, I woke up sooo late and had to rush off out the house with an alpen bar minus fruit (idiotic moment) :( but I think I made up for it, had a banana, berries and a whole mountain of veg: carrots, cauliflower, and lots of brocolli : mmmm :) x

mrs big b

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Strawberries blackberries raspberries pear orange apple tomatoes cucumber not sure if banana counts


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mrs big b

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Ooh I forgot the 2 pickled bunions pmsl


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You won't believe how kong it took me to realise what a tickled bunion was... You could see the cogs turning!

Having enormous amounts of salad for dinner but so far: mushrooms, apple, pineapple, More pineapple and melon. Oh and about to have a nana (although I try to limit myself with those bad boys!!- I could just never stop) xx
I have had so far

Mushrooms with breakfast

raspberries......all cut up in a fruit salad...that was meant to be for the kids lol

and ive just prepared, carrots, cabbage and broccoli for tea :)


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i have had today loads of strawberries with breakfast, an apple after dinner and loads of mushrooms with dinner :)
and i am having spag bol for tea so tomatoes mushrooms onion and garlic mm


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Wow! Good job on the superfree foods folks :D

I've had heaps of mushrooms and toms with my brekkie.

More mushroom and onions with my lunch.

A fruit salad consisting of strawbs, bluberries and satsumas :D:D:D

Not sure what to have for dinner tonight...


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plums x3 in breakie

lunch stir fry
mixed beansprouts, cabbage and carrot (pre made fresh stir fry in bag 50p!!)with added mushrooms onion and chopped red+green peppers nom nom my fav lunch!


for tea .. spinich and potato frittata with side of broccoli nom nom


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Oh I love this thread! So far I've had;

Mixed salad leaves
Cherry tomatoes
Alfalfa sprouts

Dinner will include;
Sugar snap peas
Water chestnuts
Green beans
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I thought I'd done quite well till I saw others lists!


Not much, must try harder! Would have a bowl of SS soup but I have no power.


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Mmmmm just had carrots broccoli and sprouts wiht my stuffed chicken, I luuuuuuurveeee sprouts! Best Ive ever had them tonight, perfectly tender, sweet and nutty. Lush :)
I have just filled a roasting tin with butternut squash, carrots, parsnips (not superfree), onion, tomatoes and aubergine and it is currently roasting in my oven sprinkled with Italian herbs and paprika and filling my house with a lovely aroma.

I also had lots of fruit today too, an apple, grapes, satsuma and a peach.

and in my sandwich at lunch I had lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes

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