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what the ****


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i have been doing sw for about 8 weeks now and have lost 11.5 lbs when i started i was a size 18 , went shopping for clothes and havnt changed size at all my own jeans are too big but i cant get a new pair to fit they just dont look right also i was an 18 on top and now the ones i tried on today were all too small i seem to be getting biger lol on top at least is this normal how can i be lighter but bigger
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I have lost two stone and don't seem to have dropped a dress side at all!! I think maybe I was squeezing myself into the bigger size and now they fit properly!! lol! Bit depressing tho!


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Don't worry - you'll get there soon. Each person is different but for me I had to lose about a stone to go down a dress size. And as for what's happening with your clothes I suspect that it's just because your old clothes will have stretched a bit with wearing and washing.
To be honest hun, it was over a stone before i dropped a dressize, (not even comfortably) really because i was proberly pushinga size 20 and still convincing myself i was a tight 18, / even tighter 16 LOL



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i think we are all a bit guilty of saying we are a smaller size i know i have. The thing you have to remember is that once you get to target you will be feeling fantastic and wont need to worry about sizes!!


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I think I may have gone down one dress size, but not 100% sure what size I was before. I was size 20-22 after having my baby last july. I was size 26 before I got pregnant. I put on 2 stone between july and joining SW. I think I went up to size 24. I think I am a size 22 on the bottom and can squeeze into some 20's depending on the style. I can wear good size 18's or honest 20's on the top. Can't wait to drop some more size. I think our old clothes do stretch. New clothes are more of a honest size lol
I used to squeeze myself into 18s but I was really a 20, easily. It took ages before I dropped a size.

And don't forget that shops are all sized differently too. Don't get down about it...you'll get there and be in 14s before you know it!!! :D
My view is never never never judge your size by the label of clothes. As I have said a couple of times ...the sizing on clothes depends on the country it was made, the cost of the items. The design and cut of the clothing. If you compare clothing that you have bought to clothes that you have, you must remember that wear and tear id a factor fibres change and stretch.
If the scales say you have lost ........ YOU ARE LIGHTER AND THE PLAN IS WORKING!!!!!

I have female freind who will buy something she likes, tries it on, checks her look in the mirror then buys it. Gets it home and cuts the size label out. I thought this was strange, I asked why she did this. I was told that she said my size runs form 14 to 18 depending on what I buy. So is if I dwell of the size I would never feel happy with my clothes. So she said that she buys what she likes and removes the size.

Phil x
Jezebel, it took me 1 and a half stone to drop a dress size. I was waiting and waiting and waiting to drop to a size but then I realised that I was not an 18 as I thought I was before....I was a 20 stretching 18 clothes to fit! I think we tend to fool ourselves with these things....but regardless you will no doubt be there soon chick! :):)


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I've complained about this before, but as I started my diet I was a size 28/30 on my bottom half. These sizes are getting a little lose now and I have a pair of trousers that have been in my wardrobe for a while which are a size 26.
However, I tried some trousers on in Evans (where I've always shopped) and they don't come close to fitting me :(


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lost nearly a stone and a half and still not in my size 12's grrrrrrrrrr stupid size 14 jeans and i put on ym size sixten shirt today and my boobs have decided to go up a size even though i have lost weight ???????? stupid hormones so have a gaping shirt today great stuff.


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well i started off at 15st 5lbs and at one stage i was 13st 4lb and i was a size 16 for all those sizes, mind you like some have said before i was a tight size 16 but refused to buy a bigger size :(

It took me ages to drop a size!! I was getting myself seriously frustrated by it - but i agree with the posts above some of it is different shops and the sizes and also different styles of clothes.. For example boy fit jeans in next i can get into in a size smaller that there regular jeans!! I completely understand how frustrateing it is though - when you lose weight and your trying hard you want to see it reflected almost wearing a smaller size.

Keep going and you will drop into the next size down in no time at all xx
I hate the whole dress size thing as each shop can vary so much, I measure myself in inches to keep track. Which I am glad I did, I wanted to get in to a 12 but not quite there yet but I measured myself yesterday and I have lost 2 inches of my hips and waist and 1 inch of my thighs so I know it is going.
I agree with the lady in Frontier-Phil's post screw the labels its how the clothes fit and flatter your body that matters.