What time does the conference start?


The Diet Guy
Does anyone have any details about the conference on Saturday i..e what time to arrive, which bit of the museum it is at and what time does it start/finish.

I am at work and just planning my day and not sure if I have the info yet.


10am start! Are you staying at the Windmill Linda??? If so fancy an 8am breakie ?

Staying at Windmill both nights, can we make it 8.30 brekky? Text now works so text me when you arrive.

How breakfasts does this make know:D

Must watch out for the chicken salads this time;)
Can you text me as my Nokia has died so I haven't got your number on it.

8:30am sounds good, will have my mum with me.

We are coming down late late late Friday night so probably pop into the bar for a drink then.

No it was a wild guess where you would be and assume the swimming pool will be shut...........
Has everyones cheques cleared yet? Mine has not & I am worried if they have not received it I will not be on the list.

I am going to give them a call tomorrow to make sure I won't be turned away at the door!

Worried of Swindon.
Don't think mine has either now you mention it but sure it will be fine.

Ha ha Katie lou lets see. Are you there tomorrow meet you in the bar. Must watch the chicken salads big day on Saturday.

All I can say is Mike and I are having breakfast together:D
Hi Linda No i am being good this time i will arrive ship shape and ready for business at 10-00am saturday morning with no booze in my blood! Have a drink for me friday night and don't sleep in this time! oh we had such a laugh with all those men!!