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What time for brekki/dinner/tea?

I am trying to get into a better routine with meal times and wondered what time you have breakfast, dinner and tea?

Breakfast is at work 4 days a week so usually eat that about 10ish, lunch is then 12.30ish but then tea at the moment is not until 7ish so I have a big gap between dinner and tea-time :rolleyes:

If I bring tea-time to about 5.30ish, then come 9ish, I am hungry again!

Just wondered what you guys do, or find works best?
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Hiya, my day is all messed up like yours!! i work late shifts and don't get my tea til about 10pm, I have my brekky bout 10 amd my dinner about 1:30pm. I work from 3-9 so I always take sum free stuff for my break, mug shots, mullers, fruit etc. its kinda like i have 4 meals! :)


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Hi raquelscatt,
I'm the same as you!
Breakfast at work 9am
Lunch 12ish
Dinner around 7ish
I find I'm snacking on fruit around 4pm and again around 9pm. Some people try not to eat after 8pm ... something to do with your metabolism slowing down?!
Ideally I would like to have my main (larger) meal at lunchtime but it just doesn't work well for me (ie i'm working full time and only get 30min lunch).
Be interesting to see what other people do!
Hi, I'm the same as you.... I have breakfast about 8.30 - 9.00 when I get to work, have lunch about 1230 but then don't have tea until about 7pm. I'm hungry when I get in from work so i'll have fruit or yoghut to fill the gap.
A couple of days a week I try to do tea for 6pm and have it with my daughter, especially if we are all having the same thing like jackets or egg and chips or pasta.
Just the same though, if I have tea earlier then I do need some supper. I try to have cottage cheese and carrot sticks or salad though as well as my syns which I save for evening.
Weekends are completely different - a big brunch about 11am and then our next meal will be about 5pm with supper later.

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I was speaking to my Consultant about this (I had a gastric band) and he was saying that it is only society that governs what time we eat, rather than ourselves and if you think about it, its right. Who said that we have to have breakfast at 8.00 or supper at 7pm? We digest the food anyway and the saying about out metabolism slowing down at night is wrong, its what you eat at night governs how you digest your food. If you have a salad, its digested quickly, steak, mash, pasta takes longer to digest and this is why you wake up in the morning feeling "full".
I eat when I am hungry, I have breakfast at around 10.30, lunch 3pm, and then a tea around 8.30 - 9pm depending how soon I can get daughter to bed, but this again is a rough guide and I dont always do this.
If Im not hungry I wont eat (or rather cant anyway with a gastric band!).

Hope that made sense??!!!!


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I try and space it out pretty evenly - breakfast at 8, lunch between 12 and 12.30, dinner between 5.30 and 6. I also try to make sure I've got loads of fruit and yogurt in for the in between times :)


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I find myself hungry between meals when I am doing a lot of excerise, I just snack on fruit, until the next mealtime.
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I tend to have breakfast around 8am, lunch is usually 1pm ish but if I'm working I tend to just grab a banana (this was the case even before I was on SW), tea can be anything from 4pm (if I just had a banana for lunch!!) to around 7pm depending on how hungry I'm getting, but then I still end up eating a couple of yogurts, fruit and my syns in the evening
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i have brekkie at 6 as i like to have before the kids get up and it all starts! i have lunch at 12 and dinner about 7.30 when my youngest goes to bed

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