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What to do about wedding dress!!

Hi... guys in need of some advice. I'm on ss and have about 14 weeks to go until my wedding day. Haven't got the dress yet, but am going on wednesday to start hunting, wanted to get some weight off first and cd seems to be doing the trick nicely!! I have my second weigh in tomo and hope to have lost a stone, I have cheated a bit today and weighed myself and it's coming in a 13 pounds in just under two weeks which I'm soooooooo pleased with. But want at least another stone off before the big day.
So if I find some thing I really like on wed, do I order it in a smaller size. I'm a 14/16 at minute and would love to have a size 12 wedding dress!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Hi Claire. You're not talking about a traditional dress are you with 14 weeks to the wedding?

Personally I wouldnt want the responsibility of advising what you should do - however remember : Dresses are always easier to take IN than to let out...

My own cautionary tale... I bought my dream dress from Ebay determined to slim into in. Several months later - I ended up buying an indentical dress costing over £1000 which fitted, and then had it taken in where it needed too as not even makeover extreme and the amputation of several limbs and ribs was gonna get me into the 1st dress!
Good luck


Ps. Think you're MAD leaving it so late lolol!


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Hi Claire,

I also put off buying my dress because of losing weight. Also approx 14 weeks before wedding, I was told by wedding dress shops that I had left it to late to have anything made and I would need to get a dress of the rack altered:(. I knew that I didn't want anything too fancy so I went along to BHS and bought a top & skirt for £65.00 total.

When I first went in to try on I was a size 16 - I tried on a 14 and it fitted so I ended up buying a size 12 skirt & 14 top. (the top has a corset type back and can be pulled in)

Now with only 4 weeks before the wedding the skirt is slightly too big but it means that it sits lower on my hips than on my waist.

Some of the high street shops have fantastic dresses. I looked online first so I had some idea of what I wanted.

Good luck with the dress shopping and the diet. I'm sure you will easily lose that stone and be a beautiful bride in a gorgeous dress:D


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I too get married in 14 weeks. I ordered my dress in January and will have to have it taken in by quite some!! I'd lost 3st before ordering and have gone on to lose a further 2 ad a half! I knew it would have to be taken in and i couldn't order a smaller one as the dress shop dont like to put brides under pressure to slim into a dress and then it not fit.
I think you should order what you like in the size that you are now and then have it taken in.
Hope you get sorted ok.


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Hi, depending on what type of dress you're thinking of I'd ask the shop if they can alter it, I think most shops offer this service. Find one you like & get it in a size that fits now, they can take it in a size or more if needed.
My dress was made to my own designs & was altered down a size or two, but it was ordered & being made up a YEAR before the wedding, by 14 weeks b4 the wedding it was just about ready!
Good luck,xxxxxx BTW my sis bought hers a WEEK before her wedding, she chose an evening gown style one in lilac, which was gorgeous BUT WOW the stress of HAVING to get one that day!!!!
thanks for all your advice. I know i have left it late, but really wanted to get weight off first as you can look completely different in something when your thinner!! I will start hunting very soon and lets hope I find the dream one.
Good luck with the dress hunt - it's a truly wonderful moment when you find 'The Perfect' wedding dress - you'll know it when you see it!!

I know how you feel, I started this diet now (over a year before my wedding) because I didn't want to look fat in a dress either and wanted to lose weight before I tried any on....

Ha! I can't stop myself, I have already been in 2 shops! They pull the dresses in so you look thinner anyway, so I feel a bit better about it. The truth is, I can't stop trying them on. In the shops they even plonk size 12s on me and just don't do up the zip but pull in the corset bit tight so you can see the front. Looking at the flab underneath the tyers at the back isn't nice, but hey it will all be gone come june 2008!

Lots of shops have off the rail, and if you go for a corset one it can be pulled in. Truth is, the chest bit might require altering I suppose to be honest. Monsoon have some bridal stuff and I bet debenhams does too. But one shop i was in do alterations even the week before the wedding, so I mean you could get one off the rail, and then get it taken in nearer the time.

Good luck!


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AND just to add.... Wedding dress sizes ARE NOT the same as normal dress sizes! PLEASE dont feel bad if you are a size 12 but end up with a (traditional) dress 14 /16!

Think its bloody potty myself. You get the High Street chains '..vanity..' sizing clothes (A pair of Size 16 jeans but labled as a 12 or a 14!) yet on a girls most important day - the sizes are the other way round (just what you DONT want on your wedding day!)

The First dress I bought off Ebay was labelled a size 18. My Size 12 Sister fitted into it with not that much spare room.


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I would look in some shops like monsoon too as they do some fantastic wedding dresses. I wish I had found this diet for my wedding!! then again at least I will be gorgeous for my 7th anniversary.. Good luck with your dress hunting..Love


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I had my wedding dress taken in three times in the 8 weeks before I got married, last time was 2 days before. This was a dress from a bridal shop and they did an urgent order as I gave them about 15 weeks notice -it was no problem to them. This was 5 years ago when I was on WW, so I can just imagine their faces if they had seen the cd rate of change! As for sizes, they measure you properly(ie loosely!) and give you breathing room so they will nearly always say you are bigger than you think you are (lets face it girls, we do tend to wear smaller if we can:eek: ). I would say go for something that is tight now (but not out of realms of what-ifs - a 14 or something) and get it taken in. I certainly wouldn't risk buying a 12 as a pp said, adding material isn't easy! Anyway, traditional dresses are pretty much made to be adjusted to your shape, not just to be an off the hanger dress anyway, so you would need any size adjusted more than likely.
Good luck!
Maddy xxx


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Maybe you should get your dress from a shop that does the alterations on site as some shops send their dresses away. I am getting married in less than 4 weeks and my dress is still being altered. Its being taken in where I have lost weight.

It can be done, it just depends on the shop. I went for my final fitting last week and she made my skirt tight as I said I was planning on losing a little bit more weight.

You could always get a dress smaller and then find a seamstress thay can do alterations, you don't have to do it through a bridal shop.


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Hiya! Congrats on your weight loss so far!!

You really do need to get out there, most dresses take about 16 weeks to come in but they can rush dresses through - some bridal houses charge a premium for this though.. You may be able to buy a sample dress though and just get it cleaned, would save you a lot of time.. (most bridal shops put there's in the washing machine inside a duvet cover, 30 degree wash, gentle spin cycle, comes out perfectly! Saw that on a thread on a well known wedding forum and everyones dresses have come out perfect so far!)

With respect to the sizes, get a dress which fits.. I ordered a dress the same size as the shop sample which, when I was half a stone lighter, fitted.. I then put on another half a stone - so I was a stone heavier than when the sample fitted when my dress arrived.. Couple this with the fact that the sample had stretched through so many people trying it on and all of a sudden my dress didn't fit by 4-5 inches... The pressure I'm now under trying to lose weight to get in my dress is unreal but at least I've got the time to do it, it's so so much easier to make a dress fit a smaller bride than it is to make a bride fit a smaller dress!!!!

And the earlier post about the sizing is spot on too - wedding dress sizes are varied from bridal house to bridal house, the majority of the time though a size 12 bride needs a size 16 dress... So go for a size wihch fits, ignore the number on the label.. People see the dress babe, not the number inside it!!

Good luck dress shoping, it's wonderful fun!! Try on loads of different styles, I've known so many people who wanted one type of dress and bought something completely different (me included!!) - things look so different on the hanger compared to being on! I wanted something ivory, with straps, plain, simple and elegant.. I've now got gold, lacey, strapless, beads on the bodice and the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted - but I love it!!

Have fun, let us know how you get on!!


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Blimey, sorry - that was such an essay!!
Hi Sunflower.. thats great advice. I think I will start trying on next week!! That gives me 13 weeks. I do have a friend who alters dress so if I did get a bigger one she could do her business!! What date are you getting married on. Looks like it is a few weeks before mine. You will have to let me know how it goes!! Have you got everything organised? I still have loads to do!! are you on the cambridge diet too? If so how are you finding that? I think it is one of the easiest diets i've done, apart from the first few days!! Don't have to think about food which is good because Iam a terrible crisp fan!!
Keep in touch.



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Hiya Claire!!

Wow, looking at your losses you're storming along, well done you!!!

I had a couple of blip weeks, one was my birthday and TOTM, the other was a week where we ate out, then went to a funeral (with food at the wake) and ate out in the evening, the next day we went to a wedding, the day after that someone was round for a meal for their 50th birthday and I'd made a rather yummy cake... And that week put on 3lb!!!!!!!!

So I've started SS this week, had a tough night last night in that I got really hungry once I'd cooked h2bs supper - but I hung on in there and feel really proud of myself for doing so!!

I get married on the 7th July, about 4 weeks ahead of you I guess??

How are all your plans going? :) And, importantly, how did the dress hunting go? Hope you managed to find something special!!!

Sorry I've only just replied, I've only just seen your thread!!! I didn't know that your control panel listed all the new posts in the threads that you've posted on until a day or so ago - so have missed a few replies for me!!!! Hope you're doing ok, certainly from your losses you look as though you are - well done you!!

Good luck looking for the dress its great fun, most shops can rush through dresses if you ask them. I was a size 14 normal size, not wedding dress size ( which are crazy small!!) so i ordered a size ten, I found the motivation of not fitting into my dress great motivation to stay away from food and b really good. ;)

My wedding in 10 weeks and I fit into my dress now with it being slightly loose so hopefully will need it taken in before the wedding but not having next fitting till 30.7.07 so I leave it as late as poss.

Good luck hope u find your perfect dress, I find its the best motivation

Just pretty much agreeing with what everyone else has said - find the dress you love, make sure it can be taken in, and don't worry about the label. My size 10 friend got married last year in a size 16 dress....crazy ! She's 5ft 6 and 9 stone wet through to give you an idea.

Remember too that you don't choose the dress.....it chooses you ! I had a specific idea of what I wanted, but when I tried it on it did nothing for me and I looked washed out. After trying on loads and feeling that many were ok but not 'it' I tried on something and just knew. I felt great in it, it made me look slimmer and made my skin glow.....and was nothing like my original plan ! I didn't want to take it off and could have pranced about the shop in it for hours (luckily I didn't!)

Have a fab wedding and enjoy every minute of planning, despite the stress, as soon it'll all be a fond memory and pictures in an album to look back on each anniversary


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Hippy chick, sounds exactly like my wedding dress!!! I found ivory made me really washed out, gold on the other hand really made my skin look warm!
hey sunflower... not been on threads for a while so just seen your message. I have a dress!!! yeah he. It's beautiful but a lot more than I wanted to spend, but heyho I have to look beautiful don't I!!! I got a size 14 in the end but it has a corset top so if I lose anymore it can pull in!! It is off white, strapless will like a ruffled corset top and plain skirt with all tiny diamantes on the train! I am soooo happy with it. I too had a really naughty week this week but didn't pay for it with a gain. I was shocked still lost 2 pounds but ate mc donalds, chips crisps and lots of naughty things.. how bad am i. think it was down to bordom. How I didn't gain I don't know. I only had two shakes all week. Can you explain that? Maybe my body has got too used to losing weight.
Just think in a month you will be married. How exciting is that? how is ss going, did you manage to stick to it. I have started again today as I want to be nine stone by w day. Shall we do it together for a month and see what we can lose?
claire xx

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