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What to do - eating this weekend?


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My DH is taking us away for our anniversary this weekend. We have arranged to stay with firends on the Sunday and I have told them I only require ice and a blender for my food. I got the whole 'thats a stupid way to diet/ you will only put it all back on again/ dont be silly just do some exercise' lecture!
Im fine with that but for 2 nights we are staying in a hotel, and have breakfast supplied as part of the deal. I want to eat the breakfasts (well we have paid for it) so what should I have? And what do I do about the evening meals? Will it hurt too much if I eat carb free low cal for breakfast and an evening meal on the same day for one day?
Thanks for your advice - Im only on day 9.
I have also stayed the same weight for the last 3 days.
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There are 2 schools of thought on this one.
Some will say don't break your diet, stick with the shakes etc.
Others will say, enjoy your holiday then when you're back, head down, drink the water and back on the CD wagon. If you chose this way, lean meat (ok chicken), green salad leaves, celery, quorn, etc (look at the sticky for AAM or 790/810 ideas) should be ok.

Don't listen to me though, I ate chewing gum and lost nothing much for 2 weeks!
I'm sure a CDC with good advice will come along soon.
I would say that life is for living, but you should still be mindful of what you are eating. Ideally try to stick to SS, but with negative opinions from your friends, and the 'depriation' of watchig others eat whie you abstain, will make you more likely to cave in and eat something really bad. So the best thjing to do is to have a plan of action - try to stick to SSing, but know what you can/will eat should the need arise.

I'd take your packs (or preferably tetra's if you can get some!), and when you do have your food in the hotel, try to go for small portions, low carb, and low fat. With Small portions and low carb being the more important of the 3!

If there is a cooked breakfast you could have some poached egg's and some grilled bacon. For Dinner stick to lean protein (chicken/fish) and veg/salad.

One tip is to have your shake just before you go out for dinner, as you will be fuller so will eat less.

Have a great time, and good luck!

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Depends how important this is to you and how much being overweight affects your life. Personally I am all or nothing and on all 3 of my ventures into CD I have sole sourced 100% regardless of what event was coming up. So my advice would be 'stay on the diet' but it really is an individual choice and if you are confident you can jump straight back into CD then I'm sure you'' be fine

Bonne Chance x

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