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what to do with chicken,getting bored,

Forgot about this one in my last post. You can make chicken tortillas using a Dukan galette as the wrap. Stir-fry chicken pieces, wedges of red onion, perhaps some sweet peppers and a little dash of Worcesershire Sauce (or you could use chilli powder), add some fresh chopped coriander, then wrap in the galette. You can serve it with some plain fat-free yoghurt mixed with chopped fresh chives.
roll it in different spices and oatbran if you fancy a crispy coating
I like my chicken dry fried then added to a mix of Natural yogie, Herb and garlic salt and dried chives, Really nice especially if you can find the creamy no fat yogie. And curry chicken marinated in nat yogie and curry powder xxxxxx


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Use chicken mince, season (salt, pepper, Paprika OR Tarragon OR Parsley for example), (add finely minced onion on PV), and shape into balls, patties or sausages and 'fry' in non-stick frying pan.
Server with a fresh tomato sauce on PV.
marinate. use yoghurt and plenty spices and leave overnight/during the day and grill to perfection :)


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I still love gnawing on the leg piece... takes ages too which is always a good thing!
I make chicken curry with red curry paste and either natural yogurt or a tbs of extra light philly. Stuff a chicken breast with some extra light philly and garlic (and some chilli if you like it hot), wrap with bacon or ham and bake.


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Back to Mr. Bean, I see... well...

Last night at the butcher, I eyed a hanging turkey and capon and thought of Rowan!


** Chief WITCH **


Not very good at this!
He cracks me up - I loced it in that last Mr Bean film when he shoved his oysters in the handbag of the woman on the table next to him, and then her mobile rang :)

On the chicken front I have been making a rather lovely chicken broth. I take some stock made in my slow cooker, or use a stock cube, and then add some spring onion, a little chilli and about a tspn of grated ginger. |I then add some chopped cooked chicken, and leave to simmer until the onion is tender. Absolutely delicious and kind to the tummy!

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