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What to eat tonight? - Indian Meal Suggestions pls


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Morning all..

I'm off for a sneaky Indian meal tonight with friends i haven't seen in a while.

What can i eat that wont do too much damage...

I know it's not going to be good as there will be copious amount of red wine drunk. :flirt2:

I think I'll go down the EE route and then i can eat rice with my curry but i will swerve the popadoms and onion bhajis!!!

The question is....which curry will give me less syns? ;)
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Mrs V

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The chicken dhansak is only 6.5 syns and if on an EE day, that and plain boiled rice would be free...delicious!
Poppadoms are 4.5 syns each and the sauces all carry syns.

Enjoy! I regularly have a takeaway now that I know I dont have to splurdge all my hard work!
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I tend to have Dhansak as well, but my local Indian is 450g rather than 350g so it's 8.5 syns for me rather than the 6.5 from the book on EE; but still pretty good considering.
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What does a dhansk taste like! I'm a creature of habit and usually always have chicken tikka masala! When I went for an indian last, and was on slimming world, I had a chiken tikka, minus the masala but found it really dry but knew that having the sauce would be disasterous!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Although its chicken and chickpeas in a curry sauce, its really very nice. Im a creature of comfort also, but I can certainly recommend a dhansak.
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Hi Angela,
It isn't too hot, but has got a little kick to it and can be a little sweet too sometimes; very scrummy.


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Dhansak is a hot sweet sour curry made with lentils, varies from resturant some being really hot others mild best to say how you like it. The best choice is tandori chicken or tikka chicken or meat because it comes dry with no sauce and thats where all the syns are. If you want to use all your syns on drink then thats the way to go.


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Thanks for your suggestions.

I have never heard of Dhansak, but to be fair i just normally order the same thing....Tikka Mosala.
Am i right in thinking Jalfrezi in 8.5 and if so does anyone know how hot it is? I do like a little kick to my curry lol
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chicken rogan josh is lovley!!!! 6.5 syns, the only other curry id eat bar a korma and a masala.. but for teh sake of syns, its a rogan josh, with boiled rice for me! x


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S: 13st13.5lb C: 13st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 31.7 Loss: 0st11lb(5.63%)
Beef Madras 400g - 11syns
Bombay Potatoes 340g - 7syns
Chapati average each - 7.5 syns
Chicken Bhuna 330g - 11 syns
Chicken Biryani 380g - 12.5 syns
Chicken Curry 390g - 11.5
Chicken Dhansak 350g - 6.5
Chicken Jalfrezi 350g - 8.5
Chicken Kashmiri 350g - 9.5
Chicken Korma 360g - 16.5
Chicken Makhani 380g - 16.5
Chicken Pasanda 370g - 20
Chicken Saag 360g - 11
Chicken Tandoori 340g - 9
Chicken Tikka Balti 375g - 11.5
Chicken Tikka Masala 360g - 14.5
Chicken Vindaloo 360g - 8
Chickpea Dahl 350g - 5
Cucumber Raita 1 tbspn - 1
Gobi Aloo Saag 320g - 11
Lamb Bhuna 350g - 12
Lamb Biryani 450g - 20.5
Lamb Pasanda 350g - 21.5
Lamb Rogan Josh 360g - 6.5
Lime Pickle 1 tbsp - 1.5
Mango Chutney 1tbsp - 2
Naan Plain - average each - 20
Naan Peshwari - average each - 25
Onion Bhaji - average each - 8.5
Onion Sambal 1 tbsp - 0.5
Paratha - average each - 12
Poppadoms - average each - 4
Prawn Bhuna 380g - 10
Prawn Biryani 425g - 15
Rice Pilau 180g - 2.5
Rice Plain 300g - FREE
Samosas meat 2 small - 12.5
Samosas vegetable 2 small - 7.5
Vegetable Biryani 420g - 11.5
Vegetable Jalfrezi 375g - 7.5
Vegetable Curry 380g - 9
Vegetable Korma 380g - 15

These are all EE and is every syn in the SW book :)


Yummy mummy to be!
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Just out of interest what about yoghurt mint sauce......

or is already listed but called something else??
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Jalphrazi (is that how i spell it) i think is one of the lower syns. Watch out for mango chutney and popadoms! 4 syns a pop!and if ur nething like me i can eat 5 in a row!
S: 16st8lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st6lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 0st13lb(5.6%)
Chicken Jalfrezi 350g - 8.5

so is one of quite low ones but is more lower that you could have, but as this is my fav, next time i have a curry i will go for this one :)

Hi I am a newbie and have been looking at this site the last few weeks as I find a lot more answers on here than the actual SW website:)

I was wondering if anyone could tell me roughly how many syns would be in a dry chicken Tikka at an Indian, as I had this last week with boiled rice in the hope that it was quite low in syns but want to double check before I order it again?

Any help would be much appreciated!:D


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Dhansak or rogan josh certainly seem to be the way to go

How many syns would chicken shashlick be? As there's no sauce and basically it's meat and veg cooked on a skewer, I'd hope it would be low
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Rogan Josh is a tomato based dish ... and absolutely gorgeous :) I normally have a lamb rogan josh with plain Rice 6.5 syns and filling .. or we get take out and i do SW chips/wedges .. *nom* .. Our slimming world group use the local indian resteraunt for "meals out", so the indian now do a "SW" version for us with out the oil, which is even better for us lolol

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