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What to expect?


I've decided to switch from W8 to CD for a few reasons -

1) cost
2) theres a CDC but no W8C near me
3) I struggle having 4 "meals" a day and CD is 3?

But I'm a lil worried about what to expect - I know my CDC will tell me but *worrieslotsanyway*

What's a rough WK1 loss?
Is it ok to have - tetra, bar, porridge?
Or does that make carbs too high?
Do you find it easier as there is "food" (bars and porridge)?

I know the W8 noodles were horrific (hence my switching)

Sorry for the superlong post :(

Oh, I'm 19 and am around 248lbs atm aiming for 200lbs if that helps :(
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Size 14 Here I Come!
Hi MissJelly!

Everyones weightloss in the 1st week varies, and since you have already been on a VLCD (I am assuming without a break) you will probably lose what you would if you did a week of W8.

You can't have the bars until week 3 and some people find that they are really sensitive to the carbs in them so either limit them to 1 a week or do without. I have a bar a day which is the most that you are supposed to have.

But you can have porridge, soups, shakes and tetras from the beginning.

Good luck with your weight loss journey!
Thanks for the reply :) I've had a break from W8 since before Christmas as i just haven't been able to get back into it :) So I'm thinking it'd be similar to my 1st W8 week then?

I think I'd rather not have the bars tbh as I kinda think it'd keep that link with food which I could do without for a while. Do you think the bars affect your losses? Hope you don't mind asking...

:) Miss Jelly x

Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
No I don't mind you asking! No, the bars do not affect my weight loss, and I love them! I have lost 46lbs since Mid November and I had 2 weeks off at Christmas! so in 10 weeks effectively I have lost 46lbs.
Wow! That's impressive :D well done you!

*hopes she can do even a smidge as well as that*


Dieting Rambler

Size 14 Here I Come!
you will! just stick with it and the results will come!
Yay! I'm so looking forward to starting CD - I think I kinda got stuck in a ditch with W8 and needed a fresh start :D

If I'm seeing my CDC Monday 9th, when should my 1st CD meal day be?

Sorry for all the questions :( but I likes to make sure about things *worrywart*

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