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What to wear for a wedding...:(

I hate clothes shopping with a passion, everything just looks awful.

Sooo my brother decides to tell us tonight that him and his wife are renewing their vows at the end of this month. Due to her not having the white wedding she wanted...so it means shopping time :(

Not got a clue what to look for, i live in tops and leggings lol.
Was thinking tailored shorts and a chiffon blouse but unsure if that would look okay on my body shape.

I think im an hour glass. I have big boobs, little waist and big hips :S:S

Any ideas anyone??
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Hi Sarahlou :)

Have you thought about a jersey dress? They are very flattering, and if you get one that is empire line, they hang from just under your boobs, skimming over big hips (and thighs!). Big patterns also hide lumps and bumps. I'm a sucker for them.

Not sure what your budget is, but most stores do their own versions.
No i havn't lol, i dont even know what they look like. I have some fab dresses i could wear but got a bit big now lol.

Will definatly have a look at the jersey dress :)

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What size are you babe? (If you'd rather not say that's fine)

What's your budget?

Maybe a prom style dress?
I wish i was a bloke for times like this lol.
I'm a 16 on top and an 18 on bottom.
Don't really have a budget although dont really wanna spend too much just incase it doesn't fit in a few months time lol


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Lovely hourglass curves. You could get away with LOADS of dresses. 50's style ones would def look great on you! E-Bay will have loads of bargains.


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big bear

A bear on a mission!
I'd go for something to show of your waist & boobies but flare out to skim your hips.

I'm roughly the same size as you & got an prom style (A-line) dress in Matalan.


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A jersey dress would be perfect for your size (I'm that size too), and far more flattering than some of the other stuff around. Google CC - they do fab jersey dresses and in the sale there are some from about £29 x
Thanks for all the ideas :)
I do love that polka dot dress, if it was not polka dots lol, they give my mum terrible migraines.
And i have seen some fab maxi dresses but i just fear that they will swamp me, im only 5 ft.
Hourglass, you lucky thing! How formal is the "do"? If it's not too "top hat and tails", could you get away with a pretty tunic top with an adjustable tie at the back, leggings and cute ballet pumps. Just thinking, with top and leggings hopefully you could get a bit more wear as you continue to shrink! Same with a wrap dress, if you go for a plainish colour and accessorise, you'll get loads of extra wear out of it - I bought a brown one for a wedding, put colourful corsage and jewellery with it. I now wear it with a jacket or cardi for work. And take someone with you for a second opinion, who isn't afraid to say "that ain't you" or "that's the one".

You can probably tell, I hate shopping for clothes too, if I can buy stuff that I can wear in different ways, for different occasions (as well as being able to adjust them depending on my waist measurement!) then I'm happy!

Above all go for comfort, if you feel great, you'll look great!
Ooh ooh ooh! Just remembered something! Have a look at TK Maxx (they're online now too), I've got some lovely dresses and outfits from there before at a really reasonable price.

Well i dont think it would be TOO formal lol, but it is in a church so dont want too much boobs or leg showing lol.
I think im an hourglass anyway, since losing the weight a tiny waist has appeared so big boobs, little waist and big hips = hourglass :S


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If you're really stuck for ideas, you should book in to have a personal shopper at Debenhams. I did that for my cousins wedding last year and found a lovely dress. It's a free service and there's no pressure to buy so it can be done just for a bit of fun too! :)


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Oooooh, I like a lot! Might have to invest in one of these dresses myself. The only problem is what colour to got for!! :)
I love it too. Pity the red's sold out. I have so much black & white in my wardrobe, I sometimes feel like I belong in the 50's, before life in colour was invented lol :D


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I like the Navy and White. It's so crisp, and has a lovely (on-trend) Nautical feel and would look great with some red accessories (hair flower, shoes and handbag). Thinking about this way too much as I really mustn't buy any more clothes or the house is in danger of toppling over.

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