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What was you given by CDC?


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Hi all,
Just wondering what literature etc i should have received from my CDC?

I got a thin yellow leaflet thing which had some recipes for maintenance and the basics but nothing else. I haven't been given a copy of the registration form i completed or any other info' packs. Should i have? I understand she might give me a copy of the form i signed at my first weigh in once she's completed whatever she needs to but is there any other info pocks or books etc??

Thanks in advance! :)
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I was given my form to get signed by the doctor, a book about Sole Source, another book containing info about maintenance, recipes, etc, a fridge magnet, an Inspiration magazine, and a CD calendar.


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Hi, I think that's all you do get - I got that (plus a basic pamphlet, which is the type that gets handed out to to others). I'm on medication so I got my registration form which my doctor has to sign (to be returned to the CDC), but I don't think you get that otherwise. Then you get your little yellow card of course, that you take along every week to have your weight losses written into.

The only other thing you get is your counselling! Your CDC should be giving you a good half-hour to hour of counselling every week, answering all your questions and analysing your progress, and giving you incentives to carry on. (That's what I get anyway, I assume everyone else does?) Unlike Slimming World etc., I don't there are cookery books etc. available, but you'd have to check on that.

(PS. Just saw the latest post - I certainly didn't get any fridge magnet, magazine or calendar, will have to ask my CDC about that! :confused:)
You can purchase the CD mags from them i just got the small booklet with all the steps in.

I dont get half an hour although she is there if i need her she will text me back or ring me, i dont really think i need that long since i havent cheated or felt the need to since starting, mind you im stepping up next week so who knows what will happen!!


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Each CDC works for themselves, and as such operates the system they prefer. So one CDC might put aside 30 minutes for each client, whereas another might find that 15 minutes is sufficient. If you are in need of more time/support then you should ask your CDC if this is possible - the relationship is two-way and the only way she will know what you want is if you tell her.

The responsibility is to ensure that she has all stock available each time you visit, answers any questions you may have, and offers support. You generally received a blue & pink sole source booklet (if you are going to be following SS), and the yellow book when you start. Some CDCs provide a weigh-in card that you/they complete each week that you weigh in. Anything other than this is down to the individual CDC.