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What was your A-HA moment for starting lipotrim?


Getting married in July!!
Hi everyone!! I hope you are all keeping great! I haven't been on in a while as i was finding some of the food talk was too tempting for me and i was afraid id cheat. I hope everyone is doing great since i was on last.

Today i noticed a real difference in myself. It was my two month weigh in and ive lost 2stone 8lbs. I never thought when i started that id be strong enough to last this long. I thought it might be a nice motivator to remind ourselves why exactly we started something so severe as lipotrim; that A-HA moment that made us know we just had to take the bull by the horns and finally do something drastic. So here is my story and if anyone else wants to share theirs thatd be great. X

A little bit of back story...
Im 24years old and i have battled with weight all my life so far. I always felt fat. Ive been all differant shapes, weights and sizes but ive always felt concious of my weight. It has always effected my life in every way. As far back as primary school i felt fat (even though i wasnt really, just a few pounds over weight id say). I hated pe at school and always wore low cut tops in my teen going out years, i guess sub consciencly cos i didnt think boys would fancy me compared to skinny girls but i knew i had great boobs. I never got to wear the clothes that i really wanted and would look rediculas in skinny jeans r anything like that. Ive been in weight watchers 4 or 5 times but for one reason or another hav always put the weight back on pluss more. It has effected my confidence greatly over the years. 18mnts ago i lost over two stone on ww and was really in the weight loss zone when i was in a hit and run car crash and very badly damaged my spine. I am still recovering and cant exercise. I developed bad panic attacks and was on citrolopram for a few months,i felt sorry for myself and became heavier than ever.

Now finally for that A-HA lipotrim moment...
My uncle died and i decided to go home for the wake and funeral. When packing i was devistated that none of my black clothes would fit me. Not even my fat clothes from years gone by or my super floaty black dress that i thought would fit any size. I was horrified and really upset. I found two outfits in the end but they were desperate!! I couldnt zip up the skirt so put a long top over the zipper as my own body force would keep it up and even had to wear stretchy black tracksuit bottoms to the wake!!

My sister and her boyfriend collected myself and my fiancee to take us out. She is 29 yrs old. She was so sexy!! She was wearing heals and a coast dress and her hair and makeup were perfect. When we arrived at the house we got out of the car together and all my family and distant relatives flocked around her. Mean while i went in to stifiled hellos carrying my platters of sandwhiches. I felt invisable and in a way i wished i was.
I felt so sad. Im the younger sister, i should b the fun, sexy dressed, party goer not the great big sensible one with plenty of time to make sandwhiches.
It made me realise that i really should be all those things because thats exactly how i feel on the inside but i wasnt confident enough to be any of those things. I was really happy for my sister but it made me realise that there is absalutly no reason i shouldnt look and live like that too. Something just snapped inside me and i realised that i really really needed to own up and take control of my weight! There in that moment i knew i was going to change my life.

I spoke to my brother in law that night as he had done lipotrim comming up to his wedding. He was so supportive and i got really excited at finally changing my life. I knew it was right for me because i wanted to loose weight quickly and couldnt exercise due to my spine. My life opened up in that moment.

Two months on and ill never have to feel like that at another family/ formal occasion again. The dreadfull tracksuit bottoms have been thrown out, ive lost a lot of weight and my confidence is growing day by day. I love meeting up with people and having fun now because i am more confident in myself and i know that in another two months ill b even more fabulas!! I get married next july and have every confidence that ill feel great on the day and be happy with the wedding photos. The first few weeks of lipotrim were tough but im so glad i stuck at it because it is helping me change my life FOREVER. Ill never look back, and hopefully neither will you!

We are all doing this for our own reasons but the one thing i know for sure is that we can and will all do it!! We deserve it! Hope you enjoyed this and maybe other people will share too.
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Hi Hun, thats a very motivational story! I'm so glad for you that you had such a kick up the bum to do something and you are doing so so well!

Well my whole back story is on my first post so I won't repeat myself but to sum up, much like you I have struggled with weight all my life, lost a lot on LT a few years ago but landed in an emotionally abusive relationship and turned to food for comfort. Once that ended I ate some more to try and cure my broken heart, met another fella who really wasn't for me but was an easy option cos he'd have me even fat! We got into bad habits and I ended up huge and a big run down mess. I eventually left him and every time I went out I was just totally over looked by people who were too busy looking at my mates. So I hopped on the scales to discover I was 17.4 which is 2.7 heavier than I've ever been. So then I decided I had to take action.

Unfortunately after losing 1.7 the losses halted and I've spent a few weeks cheating! No more though and this thread really came at the right time for me reminding me why I am doing this in the first place xx
Hi Hun, thats a very motivational story! I'm so glad for you that you had such a kick up the bum to do something and you are doing so so well!

Well my whole back story is on my first post so I won't repeat myself but to sum up, much like you I have struggled with weight all my life, lost a lot on LT a few years ago but landed in an emotionally abusive relationship and turned to food for comfort. Once that ended I ate some more to try and cure my broken heart, met another fella who really wasn't for me but was an easy option cos he'd have me even fat! We got into bad habits and I ended up huge and a big run down mess. I eventually left him and every time I went out I was just totally over looked by people who were too busy looking at my mates. So I hopped on the scales to discover I was 17.4 which is 2.7 heavier than I've ever been. So then I decided I had to take action.

Unfortunately after losing 1.7 the losses halted and I've spent a few weeks cheating! No more though and this thread really came at the right time for me reminding me why I am doing this in the first place xx
Hi differentusername

Gosh...what a heartfelt story. I know what you mean, Although I was never overweight in my teens, 20's or 30's at about 45 my thyroid 'packed' up meaning I was destined to put on weight and destined it WAS!! From wearing beautiful clothes and cute little black jackets I ballooned to unrecognisable ( my own fault..I saw this as an an excuse to pig on down ).
I now hide myself away from the world hating the gasps (well it feels like gasps) when old friends see me, I have even given up my job. I used to wear a uniform which got larger and larger and the officers (male I might add) made derogitory remarks at me (thinking they were funny). But that was not the only reason I gave up. My bloodpressure went through the roof and my cholesterol is dangerously high, I felt I couldn't function in a stressful environment anymore.
I lost a lot of weight last year with LT...nearly 4 stone. A lovely bar/restaurant opened up next door to me, a short cycle away and they were happy to take me on. Well, say no more. Restaurants are notorious for throwing food away and I became 'the human dustbin'. Also working in a restaurant was not really fulfilling for me, I used to work in a demanding stimulating environment now the only thing stimulating was someone complaining their steak was not well done :(!
Anyway!! Fresh start. Not working at the moment. Completely focusing on myself and getting better. I have a deadline for the 25th October, my doctor wants to see me again and if my bloodpressure is not down I have to go on medication. I DON'T want that, what with having to take thyroxine for the rest of my life...more pills...noooo!
I love this forum, it feels like a lot of lovely friends in the same boat encouraging each other on!
You are right we can do this and we do deserve it. A wise head you have on your young shoulders.
Good luck, you are going to look stunning on your wedding day :love047:!!
Great post! I think you are doing so well and your confidence will only get better and better with time. I'm sure it won't be long till you are feeling as sexy as your sister if not more, I know I am certainly feeling it now. Keep the motivation up its a good feeling. Well done you :)
Emma x
love this thread.
my kick came when we went to a theme park for my niece`s birthday but i was afraid to get on any of the rides incase i was told i was to BIG.
i only went on the ones where there was no restraints, everyone thought i was just scared of them and as soon as i got back from london i hit the chemist straight away. now 12 weeks on im down 4st11lb and feeling pretty amazing. i cant wait to reach my target and head straight back to london to show my family (who dont know im dieting) the new me and then head straight back to the theme park and join the fun x x x


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Great Stories!!

Well im 25 i was always super skinny couldn't put on weight until I met my Bf at 17 we just started eating out all the time and eating takeaways, I had my beautiful son at 19 and the weight just piled on! But to be honest i was always a confident person so it never bothered me in the slightest until last year it just started getting me really down (I lost my Job due to recession!!) so i started going to the gym (had nothing else to do!!) I really got into it went every morning after dropping my son to school and i started to tone up but no weight loss at all so then Feb this year i went to the docs to get thyroid etc checked to see if there was any medical reason why i couldn't lose weight - bloods came back fine so the docs just thought i wasn't trying hard enough. My motivation was gone so i stopped going to the gym and sat on my ass and enjoyed the summer with my son. The weight got worse and worse it got to the point when friends and family all thought i was pregnant, I just had enough my son was going back to school the start of Sep so i knew i'd have time to myself so i started back at the gym and started my lipotrim journey!! I hope to finish up and start maintenance in December!!!
Hi All
Well my "moment" came when our insurance company approached us saying they were reviewing old policies and were going to offer loyal customers extra health insurance for no extra payment - they stated what the health coverage was on the policy and it was too good to turn down - we were delighted until the man said (over the phone!) we want to see if there's been any change since you first filled in our policy 22 years ago! What I'd originally filled in on the policy as my weight was 9st 5. I was 17 stone 4. I didn't want anybody to know my weight - even OH. I didn't want to put it on a form cause I knew they'd reject me as "morbidly obese". My OH's weight hasn't changed 1 ounce in the 22 years. I new the insurance company wouldn't touch me with a ten foot barge pole. So I politely asked them would they wait till the new year. I then worried whether the life assurance policy I had with them was now null and void as I had put on so much weight & if anything happened me, would my kids suffer cause insurance company wouldn't pay out money. This was the Kick up the rear end I needed. I have never been THIS motivated before! Even giving up alcohol is a big thing for me. I haven't had a drink since I started and all my cravings are gone sugar, carbs & pints of beer (lethal!).LT truly is a great diet!


Getting married in July!!
Aw I'm so glad that so many of you have enoyed this thread so far and im sure there will be many more. it fels really good to write it down and know that we're saying goodbye to that part of our lives doesnt it?!

for the first few weks of lipotrim i didnt think id have the strenght to stick it and so didnt really believe that my life would change but now im so in the zone that i know for sure my life is changing. i really believe that im going to get there and be a totally differant person physically and mentally. i cant wait to get to the stage where i actually need to throw out all my beloved all clothes!! cant wait to gok wan myself and buy a fab new capsill wardrope to show of my new figure. for those who have only recently started believe this- if you just keep getting through day to day,the weeks will roll by and in no time you'll be on the way to your new you.

your stories are all so moving! We have all gained for differant reasons; some of us have struggled all our lives, some of us gained weight after babies, partnerships, or injuries, some of us just didnt notice the pounds adding up and yet we're all here loosing it together the same way. Its a crazy way and some times its very tough to stick to but somehow we get through it and man the results are amazing!!!!

battlo i am very sorry to read about how rough the past fewyears have been for you. i know your finding this diet hard but honestly stick at it cos in a few weeks you'll b over the moon.

candle- i know exactly what you mean about meeting people you havent seen in ages. it was totally awful. thats the best part of loosing weight for me, now i lik meeting them and hopefully in a few months ill love it. lol

Emma- im sure u r feeling amazing- ur pic is stunning!! im sure you turn heads. i hope your right about me feeling as sexy as my sister soon, a coast dress would be th dream.

so so hopeful- your story is really moving. i bet it will feel the best ever whn you get back to london!! your family will b so shocked, especialy when you r swinging away on the big rides!!

lou- you seem so determined!!! and if your going to th gym as well the pounds will be falling off you. i really miss being able to exercise but even at my peak i wasnt as dedicated as you!!

ssusee- i think kids r one of th biggest insentives arent they. i think every mother wants to be fit and healthy mother dont they? im sure that that and the insurance will be great motivaters for you. i like you never told my OH my weight, i figured seeing it and saying it are too different things. but i evntually told him my weight when i started lipotrim and i think it'll help me from getting to that weight again. im hoping anyway.

xx cant wait to hear more. theyre great arent they!!
Great thread differentusername!
I was dating a guy about 5 months ago and he had a very good job and moved in different social circles to me, he asked me to go to a party with him which involved a weekend away
On the evening it was a 40th Birthday Party but it was more like a wedding reception all the girls had beautiful party dresses on ( I had black trousers and a 'nice' top) then in the morning it was a champagne and strawberry breakfast in his friends' parents garden.
I didnt plan for this, so I just had jeans and a jumper on but all the girls had beautiful summer dresses with all the accessories and I remember thinking they obviously socialise like this all the time so they pack well and dress for the weather. I felt so out of place it turned out to be a really hot day and I was sat melting in my jumper! I thought well Im just as good as these people but Im only living half a life being fat, I wanted to dress for the occasion and for the season. The guy I was seeing kept passing comments about how lovely other ladies were so I dumped him, started Lipotrim and now 61 pounds down, I went to ladies day at the races in a beautiful dress! lol


Getting married in July!!
Hi Daisy!! Great story!!!!!!!! Its funny how sometimes we dream of things (like a rich OH taking us lovely places) but the reality of it is very differant. It sounds like you are much better off without him. you should post up pics of your ladies day dress, id love to see how u look now because you look amazing in your profile pic!!! its hard to believe that you have grown up kids!! Its great that you shared your story!!!

I wonder what other peoples stories for starting are...
I've always had mine, but this time.. i went camping 20th August with my boyfriend, his 2 cousins and girlfriend. (they are sports people, so very fit) Right by a lovely beach in Donegal, so we decided to go for a random swim, without the preparation of swimming costumes etc. They went in wearing shorts and took tops off etc, i went in.. jeans, t-shirt, even to self concious to just be wearing the tshirt.. i wore a cardigan over it too... completely drenched, and walking back to the tent.. i realised that it was actually soo sad, that I coulda cried. I started LT 26th August and I'm 2 stone 5lbs down.
Thanks so much for this great thread. I habent been on for 4 weeks, I have been eating as i have been on holiday. I managed to go away, stuff nd booze with only 1lb weight gain, however thos past week i have been dping the eating and drinkong but none of the walking to )urn it off. My original light bulb moment was wen literally none of my work clothes fitted !nd i was wearing my 'fat' jeans-they were getting snug too! Have always been up nd down with my weight but I was just miserable nd my poor partner couldnt do anything right. im 5ft1 and he is a giant 6ft4 , i managed to eat the same portions as him nd wonder y I kept getting bigger! Hmm. Now wat I havwnt said is yes, i almost reached goal b4 holiday nd 1lb isnt the end of the world but this past week i av been a glutton. I am emotional, grumpy and a ***** to be around. Feel like a fat heffer and was spiraling down. I just logged on nd read you thread, had a cry nd av &ad my light bile switched on again. I know its going to b3 tuff but you have got me fru this b4 so i think, no, i know i can get to goal. I am going to b brave now nd weigh my fat stumpy behind. Thanks.
My lightbulb moment was actually looking in the mirror, and not recognising my 'self', since I didn't handle my pregnancies very well emotionally, I just stopped looking in mirrors :s and about a week ago, I really looked, and got a big shock, which I always knew was waiting for me.
I have borderline personality disorder, on top of clinical depression, so I figure, if I lose the weight, I'll feel tons better about myself, and gain some more confidence :)
I hope, since I'm on TFR, that I'll be able to train myself to like more healthy stuff, when I re-feed. Boarding school ruined my opinions of cooked veggies LOL


2 Years Maintaining :)
What a lovely thread!! All your stories are so inspiring!!

My moment came 5 weeks ago when I couldnt fit into a size 12 skirt that was too big on me a year ago :(

I knew I'd been putting weight on just from chomping on takeaways too much wine plus I'm super happy with my bf and our son so always having cosy nights in with lots of treats :) So even though I was getting bigger I wasnt technically "overweight" I was just at the heavier end of the scale for my height lol so I tried to lose some weight by being good managed to lose about 6lbs but I kept caving in being bad- reasoning with myself that "I wasnt that bad" cause I was still fitting into majority of my size 10/12 clothes (albeit they were a bit tight lol)

So I thought I needed drastic action- not just to lose the weight but to try change my attitude towards food as it had turned very unhealty :) I've never had a weight problem but I could see how close I was to really being there ya know. I think its working anyway was 100% for 2 weeks but had a couple of cheats this week :( I have my 100% head back on know though and am determined to keep going :)

Plus I tried on that skirt again tonight.........its too big :)


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For me, it was after I'd been to a Valentines Day party last year. I'd had my lovely sunset effect dress on and I thought I looked great, but when I saw the photo's, my jaw dropped and not for the right reasons. I was horrified.
My face was huge, I looked pregnant and just really bloated.
I realised I couldn't carry on this way. And I decided then and there I was going to go on LT. Funny thing was, I truly meant to stay on it this time because I'd tried the diet a couple of times before and always given up after a couple of weeks so I could tell the staff in the pharmacy were probably hedging bets to see how long I'd last this time round, so they were quite shocked and impressed when I got to 13 weeks.
I had a couple of blips where I had to come off the diet, I got unwell, then I got thrown out of my mums and then when I started the diet again after settling in at my ex's and his mums, I found out I was pregnant, so that put paid to that lol!
Funnily enough, I didn't do too badly with the weight gain when pregnant, before he was born, I was almost 16 Stone, and lost a Stone after he was born due to water leaving my body, but then for a couple of months I got a bit lazy and just ate.
Then I decided I'd go back on LT after my birthday in August and this time, nothing was going to stop me. I did have a week holiday which I did eat regular food but since I've been back, I've stuck religiously to it and intend to up til Christmas.
Shall enjoy Christmas and be as sensible as I can, enjoy a break from the diet and then after that's out the way, complete my last chapter and be at goal by the time I go on holiday to L.A in March/April! :D


I will never give up
ive swapped to exante now but did started on lipotrim and what made me start was every night when i used to put the children to bed i would sit on the bottom double bunk with my dd and my ds on the top bunk and read them a story the thing was we just bought them a set of wardrobes which had full mirrors on the doors so there was no getting away from the reflection and id sit there looking in them shocked at how big i actually was and for a 27 year old wondering if i ddint do anything about it how big i could actually get. anyway i would get really depressed after leaving their room, what made it worse is that i couldnt do anything at first cos i was breastfeeding and my ds was not on solids yet. anyway i went searching and found a lighterlife councillor who said that i am allowed to start as long as my son is getting his main nutrition from solid foods. so after waiting 2 more months i finally decided to go for lipotrim as was alot cheaper than ll. then after doing lt for 4 weeks i swapped to exante as was getting bored of the flavours. now im 16kgs down which i think is 2 and a half stone in just 9 weeks. im now loving reading them a story and cant stop looking in the mirror.lol.
Love these stories :) We're all takin steps in the right direction

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