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what will the scales read tonight - Thursday WI


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Ive had a really good week but will it show on the scales - oh i hope so. Much better feeling getting on those scales and seeing u weigh less rather than more!:(

STS last week and the week b4 put on a 1lb. Hadn't done anything major to not have a loss so i was a bit disheartened when others in the group had lost after eating whatever.

Im going to be positive and say 'yes i am going to see a loss tonight' :)

Good luck to anyone else with a WI tonight
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Ah well ive been up most nights going for a piddle because of the water, veg and fruit ive eaten. Ive written everything down that has passed my lips. Ive walked most days so u would say a very good week. Ive even eaten scan bran.

So i expected a bit more than half a miserly pound!!!
Is it worth changing my stats for!!!

Eh well thats enough moaning. Another good week and hope it will show next Thursday it has got to i want to lose at least 7lbs before my daughter comes home from France on the 13th September.

Anyone else feels the same. I thought of having my food diary on minis! what does everyone advise please.

Thank you X


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i lost half a pund this week too, but at least it's a loss:)
I'm sure if you keep a food diary on here then people will check it over for you. Good luck on losing those 7lbs soon:)


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Thank you BaysideJ Well done to u 2 and thanks for your post.

I dont normally moan but over the past 3 weeks Ive lost a total of half a pound after having I think 3 good weeks so I have been a bit disappointed.
Ive been ok over the weekend counted every morsel etc etc my combat pants feel very loose this morning, having to hitch them up all the time LOL
I think i have an infection in 1 of my wisdom teeth so paying a visit to dentist this week. Part of my face a bit swollen but it doesnt feel as bad as yesterday. Up to now hasnt stopped me eating but i did feel off yesterday.
Im not going to be tempted to get on my scales (cost £2 from Ikea years ago so i would think not very accurate) i will wait until Thursday WI.
WI tomorrow feel ok although i dont think ive lost anything - erm i always think that anyway. Im amazed when i look at my food diary how much free food ive eaten. Loads of lovely fruit and veg. A lot of speed foods so heres fingers x again for tomorrow night.
Tonight is WI. No idea how ive done. Im keeping off my ikea scales load of rubbish anyway. I need some digital ones that i can see without my specs on.
Exciting news last night my beautiful daughter is coming home for a flying visit with her fiance and a friend this sunday til wednesday. Cant wait to see her. She has been in France since June (not that long ago i know) but i feel like my right arm has been cut off. We are very close but she is having such a great time and will be back in September to go back to Uni.

So will 2 handsome french boys like SW meals - we shall see lol x
Well ....... guess what STS - what do i have to do to just see a small loss let alone a whopper of 2 lbs.

Again in class the comments were 'ive had a chinese x 2' 'not counted my syns this week too much alcohol', ' not done the plan this week couldnt be bothered' but they all LOST WEIGHT'

Really getting miffed it puts me in a bad mood when i get home after class so everyone disappears. Its not their fault though and my family are behind me 100% in whatever i do.
Oh well onwards and upwards to another good week - more water, more exercise, more measuring, more free food, syns etc etc anything ive missed off?

Mrs V

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I am so sorry to read that you are struggling to get a loss Hun. Do you keep a food diary on here? I could have a look at it for you along with others and we could try and make some suggestions to help.
It frustrates me when people can eat rubbish and not gain anything either! I just gain when I come off plan and have to accept that Im not one of those that can get away with it!



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sorry your weightloss is slowing down, the only thing i can suggest is what the others have said, keep a food diary on here and we can look over it. Sometimes we think we have been good but there is a little thing we do each day that turns into more than we think.

What type of day do you have, do you mix them up or do just one kind, have you been using an artificial sweetner which you think is free but isn't (a woman i knew had clocked up 9 syns per day on sweetner and she thought it was a free one), have you been religiously weighing your healthy extras or guessing them, have you been measuring your milk out etc or have you been guessing the syn values of things rather than checking.

Hope things speed up for you hun xx
Reading the posts i did above about lack of weight loss -16 in total then so in 3 weeks ive lost 3lb not bad at all. Might stop me from moaning for a bit. 2 more WI before my beautiful girl returns from France. Will she notice a lesser me - i hope so.
Update: Up to 7/9/09 Lost 19 lbs in total - fab EE 1.5lbs to reach my mini target i set myself to be 7lbs lighter by the 13/09 (my beautiful daughter is home from France)

Returned to work today after the long summer break, love my job. I just have to be very organised and know what i am having to eat at work and when i get back home.

Today has been great, workwise and foodwise. Not drunk enough water though got to sort that out. Im going to get my food diary updated too. xxx

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