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What would you do?

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
I'm going to my BIL's birthday party on Saturday night which means we're staying over at theirs. The night in the pub will be fine - I'll drink Diet Coke, but what on earth am i supposed to do about food?

I take my own food parcels to my FIL but I don't know them well enough to do this there, or to really talk to them about it.

My last 'in control' meal will be Saturday morning breakfast but 3 hours later I will be at their mercy.

Worst case I'm looking at Saturday evening (will try and find something to take in the car for Saturday lunch), Sunday morning (usually only white toast & spread on offer) & Sunday dinner (though at the mo we're not planning on staying for this).

Doesn't sound like much - just 3 meals, but it could be anything! And I won't even have a menu to choose from to even try and make healthy choices! I don't do 'being hungry' and if I am then I will eat everything in front of me.

Please help me lose weight this week. :cry:
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I would save some syns where possible, take fruit, alpen light bars or hifi bars for snacks. Even take some wholemeal nimble bread, I have done that before and said I think I am developing an intolerance to white bread and no questions were asked! Make the best choices you can from what is available to you, most meals are easily adapted. Good luck, I hope you have a nice weekend! x
Was just about to say....I'd smuggle Alpen lights in my handbag and eat them on the sly, for a start. Just to take the edge off the hunger!
Actually, bring a MASSIVE handbag and have it filled with all sorts of contraband free foods.....SW brings out the total loser in me so I would SO do this. You might feel like a wally but you'll be glad at the same time, coming home in after the weekend knowing you minimised the damage
...and have a great time, by the way! xx

Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
Thanks - was thinking certainly Hi-Fi's but if I buy some Alpen Lights then it's 2 bars for the same 'cost'. Trouble is I can only think of HE's to take with me (babybels etc) - if I don't know what day I'll be faced with EE might be better, but then I can't have any of these! :( it'll be sods law I start out with a huge red day breakfast - then get presented with pasta for dinner!
Might weigh out my crunchy bran and just have that Sunday morn - they know I'm trying to lose weight for the wedding so I'll just say it's High Fibre. SIL drinks skimmed milk so that's one less thing to take (my FIL only has whole so I take my own!)
Thanks for your responses :) I'm looking forward to the party - it's black & white themed but my OH is making it into bad taste B&W! lol I have some really funky striped tights!

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