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What would you like to lose by Christmas?

I'd like to be just under goal weight so i have a little in hand like Jim does before Xmas so i don't have to set to and lose it again afterwards. So i'd like to have lost another stone. I have 10.2lbs to go till goal as of today so that'd give me a little room to play with.
I would like to lose 18 lbs....so I need a better loss next week than I have had this week...I want to be at goal by Christmas and then I am going to buy a really nice outfit for Christmas day....Jx
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Im changing mine to 22lbs - a bit more realistic I think
LOL @ Jane, are we talking Santa's little helper here Jane. PMSL.
Hmm Jim whats so funny about that.....

For me its about shape and clothes, I lurrrve fashion and Id like to be in a size 16-18. Im 18-20 now so that should be do'able :)

Good luck to you all :)
Well I only managed another 1lb this week, I guess I am going to have to get used to small losses each week, as my BMI is under 24 now...I have lost 14.5 inches all over so I am happy with that....

Good luck everyone, stick at it and imagine how good you will feel by Christmas....Jx
Jeez, only a pound, what sort of language is that then it should be wow I've lost a pound :bliss: :bliss: Jane.
You are so absolutely right Jim....I think the problem is reading all the messages on these forums of people losing 9lbs a week etc...just makes you feel oh its only a pound for me....even though I know it wouldn't be realistic for me to lose that amount, although it would be nice....I could be done in another 2 weeks lol....

I will be happy as long as I continue to lose....
When I did weight watchers about 5 years ago I was losing 2 - 3 pounds a week, but then again I was always hungry and constantly craving rubbish, which I am not now....I hope that losing it this way, when I reach my goal I will manage to keep the carbs low and keep the weight off....

Thanks Jim for making me see the light.....

Yayyyyyy I have lost a pound......is that better? lol Jx

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