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What would you like to wear for your Christmas night out?


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I'd like to wear an off the shoulder top i bought from River Island about a month ago, i liked the top and had to have it, until i got home and tried it on and realised how fat my arms had actually got.......bingo wings :(


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Oh Snugs! The old tricep dips will sort them out!

I think it would have to be a deep v-neck longsleeved top with some black sparkle and a floaty skimming back chiffon skirt that just "moves" when you walk, and a pair of killer heels! (which make me walk like Tina Turner) Oh and Xmas earrings and a mistletoe headband ;))


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I want to wear my beautiful tiny size 10 dress which I only wore twice, once at Christmas 2004, when I was my slimmest.
It is one of my "inspiration" items of clothing and have not tried it on yet as I know it's still too small.
I was going to get into it for the last 3 Christmases but they were half hearted efforts. I REALLY want to do it this time, but I won't be disheartened if it will be a tiny bit too small as it WILL fit by next Christmas or way before, if not this one!
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I have at least 3 Christmas functions coming up. One of which is long dresses (ballgowns etc) and I'd like a strapless one or just a beautiful one that I look good in even though I'll still have a long way to go :cry:

My works Christmas do I'm not sure, maybe just a nice pair of trousers/skirt and probably my new green top with lace on it if it's not too big by then :D

OH's christmas function I want to find something really nice that will annoy those who have put me down over the past couple of years :D To proove that no thanks to them I can do what I want for me and if they want to put someone down, say horrid things or be the down right *****es they have been for the last few years then they should look in the mirror as no more will they make me feel crap:flirt2:


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I haven't been to my works Christmas meal for 3 years..Confidence issues!!
This year I would like to go and wear anything as long as I felt a million dollars in it.
I never wear skirts so maybe a nice pencil skirt and lovely silk top, killer heels and lovely jewellery..


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wow......are we glamour chicks or what?


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I have a few parties and am intending to wear some skinny jeans (not sure really if these are for my shape mind!) with a silky bright pink halter style silky top, some killer pink heels and a chunky statement piece bangle.

Jobs a good un!

Not sure if we will be attending the formal ball but if so I have a one shouldered spangly black ball gown, will need it taken up mind.

Even have some new make up just for the parties, the front cover eye spy set from boots £15 this week - usually £35, Bargain!


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I'm looking for "the dress". Want to avoid a lbd as I want to put a bit of colour back into my life!! One website that has caught my eye is myeveningdress.com they are dirt cheap!!


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looking to avoid BLACK here as well, have in mind maybe something strapless.

Still checking out websites for ideas.... will let you know in due course lol



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I got all my ball gowns from ebay, most I paid for one is £16 (new with its tags still) need to have it taken up which is £20. I love my debut ones though, just the right length - will go and post a pic in my album of me in mine taken early this year for the summer ball, hopefully you'll be able to see it - cost me £14 inc postage.



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I prob wont be going to my works do as it is normally just the office staff that go so it will only be our bike club do this year and its a bring a party to party night at hotel so would like to wear a dress again but not black this time but I always struggle getting dress to fit thanks to big bust they always hang like sack at waist. I will have to go shopping and suss out what will fit me and hope to find something stunning and sparkly lol
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I would like to wear a LBD which will actually be little for the first time in 10 years!! Contoured as I now have curves in the correct places and killer heals. Looking foward to mine cause I am organising it but I will be the only girl.

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