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Whats everybody up to this miserable bank holiday??

I'm with you Sarah, its been HORRIBLE out! Haven't been able to do anything really. I really wanted to go for a walk into town or something today, but it is freezing and raining... just can't be bothered with it :p

Went to the cinema Saturday night with a bottle of sparkling water, that was my highlight! :sigh:

Dunno what to do for the rest of the day, I don't want to waste it! Friends are all hungover from last night.....tut:rolleyes: x


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Sitting here reading your post LOL.

No really though I saw 3 of my lady's today (i'm a CDC) now I'm just browsing the web looking for places to shop while I'm on holiday (Dubai), plus looking for a wedding present for my best mate.

Im just glad of the rest, but i am working my way through the washing, its a good job i have a tumble drier lol, i planned to stay in today, im having a great time catching up on all the threads.



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Off to the pub, last day of 'freedom' start the diet tomorrow !


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Just back from a pilates class - hubby is fitting our new kitchen (noisily!) and I'm tempted to run off to the shops for an hour or so, might even spend my Boots points.

And it's not raining here but it is grey and a bit breezy.

I'm going to see pirates of d carribean!! Woo hoo!!
I saw that sat :D Hadn't seen the 1st and 2nd one though, so I got prettyyy confused. Watched 2nd last night and 1st today...thought I'd do it in reverse order :p ENJOY x


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I saw that sat :D Hadn't seen the 1st and 2nd one though, so I got prettyyy confused. Watched 2nd last night and 1st today...thought I'd do it in reverse order :p ENJOY x
I saw it saturday night too, not as good as first but better than 2nd :)

Well, we were meant to go see it earlier, but one of my mates was whinging that he wanted to come as well so were going in a couple of hours...have to say, I adore JD & watched the other 2 (again!!) the other night so cannot WAIT to see it!! So were going for tea as well...yippee!!


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Afraid it was a normal Monday for me!!!! not Bank Hols here in not so sunny Banff - Scotland:cry:kids to school & me to work:(


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I think we all lucked out on the weather this bank holiday - it has rained in Norwich almost solidly for the last 36 hours which is much appreciated by the plants in my garden but I must confess a little sunshine would have been nice!!

However, the rainy weather has meant that I have had lots of time to catch up on all the housework :jelous: I have been avoiding when the weather has been good ;). I just keep reminding myself that cleaning is a good form of exercising so not only do I have a clean and tidy house but have hopefully burnt off a few more ounces of unwanted fat!!!

It was my aam week last week and at my WI I had stayed the same - there will have been a 12 day break between my last and next WI (CDC on hols) and I have challenged myself to losing 7lb in that time. Time to start chugging on the volvic!

Shrinking Nicky

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Took the girls swimming, it was Katies first time (she is now 10 & a half weeks) & she loved it - she even came up smiling when we dunked her under!

Had an old neighbour come round for the evening, she is starting SS tomorrow - & what a good CDC I am, I gave her her last supper, a nice healthy chicken salad followed by fruit salad & creme fresh (don't do that for all my new customers by the way!)


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