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What's everyone eatting today?

Hi everyone..
Hope u all had a nice wknd..
Wanna start a thread to c wt ppl are eatting- give me a few more ideas..

heres mine:
Green Day
B: Apple, Kiwi, Mullerlight, Tea(HEA)
L: Jacket Pot, VLF Cottage Cheese, Beans & Salad, Diet Coke
D: Planning to have- Grilled turkey burgers(HEB), wholemeal roll (HEB), Salsa (Cherry toms, red onion, pepper, s'corn, corriander & lemon Juice)

Does this sound ok- please post urs:)
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Sounds good to me;)

B- 2 pieces WW danish bread (toasted), beans, plum toms, mushrooms, 2 meatfree sausages, 1 poached egg..cup of tea!
L- Batchelors Chinese savoury rice
S- muller light yoghurt with a chopped banana
D- Jacket potato with Sainsburys Be Good To Youself Egg mayo with loads of salad!

I'll probably have a mug shot for supper..or an Alpen light bar!..or maybe even SW chips with my HEXA cheese!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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I have put mine in my food diary above, but as on Green Day, Im going to have quorn sausages, syn free chips, poached eggs (as I cant swallow fried) and mushy peas....hmmmm!!


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I have just made a lovely omlette. Fry lite onions, and 3 eggs with 28g cheese (1 HEX) poured over the cooked onions, then finished off under the grill. Add a salad if you fancy and poss slimming world chips-yummy!


soon to be skinny minnie
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I am doing extra easy today and have loved it. For breakie i had porridge (b) and milk (a), mid morn i had half a frozen curley wurly the the other half about 3 with tea (6.5) syns. For lunch i had mild cheese and broc pasta n sauce with 3 morrisons eatsmart sausages chopped through it. For dinner i have a ham joint cooking so having that with roast potatoes (fry light) and mushy peas. I can't wait for it i can smell the ham and it's making me hungry.


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S: 16st6lb
red day
breakfast, bacon and boiled egg wholemeal roll
lunch, leftover chicken drumsticks no skin
dinner,steak salad jacket potato with cheese triangles
snacks ,prob fruit ,or crunchy oatbakes 5.5 syns ,


Trying again!!!
Your food diary sounds grand Claire~It's a green day for me - I'm having SW Spaghetti Carbonara for dinner, had fruit for breakkie and a jacket potato with Sburys BGTY Egg Mayo. If I'm hungry after that I will have a Mullerlight or maybe some Oatbakes (HexB) with my tea. xx


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I didn't have breakfast (naughty me!)
For lunch I had an omelette with bachelors savoury rice inside and bacon.
I've snacked on grapes this afternoon and tonight for tea we'll be having an Asda extra special lamb shank with mint gravy, served with new potatoes and leeks and cauliflower. *YUM*
I have had fruit for breakfast, Jacket pot with chilli for lunch and having homemade vegetable pasta sauce with spag for tea with my HE cheese. (Extra easy day - if I have done it right!)


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Well for breakfast i had two alpen light bars (HEB)
Lunch- Beans on toast, Muller light, 2 Oranges
Tea -Pasta, Cucumber, spring onions, red pepper, cheese cubes (HEAX2) Rocket all mixed together


loves food and cooking
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I have filled out my diary:angel09:, but dinner tonight on EE will be

chicken, mushroom and bacon mash topped pie served with green beans, broc, parsnips and carrots.
S: 14st7lb G: 9st7lb
Tagliatelle carbonara Green day

Hi all,

Just had carbonara for my dinner, it was lush mmm..
For the carbonara sauce I added quark, low fat fromage frais, quorn ham, 1 egg, mixed herbs,fresh basil, salt and pepper, some olives - Synned
As my hex a parmesan cheese.

Just thought I would share it with you. :D


Cute, but psycho!
S: 24st6lb C: 19st8lb BMI: 45.6 Loss: 4st12lb(19.88%)
Change of plan.....not having the lamb shank (will have it tomorrow instead)...tonight we're having spag bol *Yummy*


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EE day
No brekki as had emergency app at doc so no time as shocked I got one so quick then had to go straight to class.

Lunch was bp with prawns and el mayo and dash of tom sauce to make marie rose so 2syns with salad muller light yogurt for pudd and a plum

Dinner was the meatballs with spaghetti from new mag but left out the celery and put dash of worcester in for flavour and they were yummy and made 24. I also used wholewheat spaghetti and we didn't eat it all as very filling.

If I get peckish later with not having brekki I will have fincrisps with light dairylea triangles.


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S: 16st6lb
hi denise kellogs crunchy oatbakes are cereal, 28g count as a heb or 5 1/2 syns on green and red days they taste a bit like hobnobs and i have them instead of biscuits you can have about 20 yum lol

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