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What's everyone's goal weight?


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mine is 12 stone. my healthy BMI is 12 stone 6 but i would like to get to 12 stone exactly as then if a put on a bit i am still in the healthy weight range and i can get the pounds off before i am in the ''overweight range'' again. but i have never been less than than 15 stone since i was 12 so anything is a bonus!
Well, for my height i should be about 7/8 stone!!!!! I would like to get to 9stone though. I would be very pleased with that. I am a newbie, so haven't updated my signature yet!

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I have set mine as the mid-way point of my healthy bmi, but in honesty I have no idea what I look like at that weight.

I want to be able to see pictures of me and look in the mirror and not look fat.. Whatever weight that is, I'll be happy. :) If that is the lower end of my BMI then I'll have to adjust it. :)


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Hi petrina,
my goal weight is 8st (112lb) it may sound quite low but i would ideally like to have a buffer of about 7lbs for when i go into maintaining so if i can maintain around about 8st 7lbs then i'll be happy. I'm 9st at the moment but still got a jelly belly, hoping it will go with losing a bit more :D.


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I want to be 10st really, originally set my goal at 11st but its been 20years since i was 10st cant remember what that feels like now, cant wait to get there. when ive told few people they say 10st will make you look ill, what planet are they from lol
Mine is 11st which will be in the healthy BMI range for my height. But really not sure if I'll get there as that's still 2 stone away and I look very different already :D. Have not been this weight since having kids (12 yrs ago!!). I'll re-evaluate and talk it over with my CDC when I'm back from my hols, when it will also be time for me to do AAMW.

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8 and a half for me thats what i feel must comfy at and then i give myself a half stone buffer if i get to 9 stone then i know action is needed thats right for my height to :)
Well I originally set my goal weight at 10 stone, but as that is the top end of the weight range for my height I'm thinking of revising it to 9 stone. I'll see what I look like when I get there!


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I set mine at 11 4 but I would like to get to 10 8 really,but I like seeing my ticker saying 12 lbs to go so Im not changing it yet,I am however moving up the plans in 2 weeks time and will lose the rest a lot slower!!
I have mine set at 140lb. I have no idea how acheivable it is but under the layers of blubber i am quite slim in the hips etc so i guess it is possible
Im aiming for 11 stone as i think i will be about a size 12 then. ideally id like to be 10.7 but we'll have to see when i get there


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mine 9s 5 by 1st July for my wedding, which is right in the middle of my healthy BMI scale, I would like to stay between 9- 91/2 for good tho x
I think I'm gona get down to 9st and see from there. My bmi would be 23 so thats just right. Little*red you've done really well. How long has it taken you on WW to lose the weight?


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evening ladies i have decided not to look at the overall picture for my ideal weight as i have 6 stone to go and that seems a long way of, so i have decided that i will celebrate going from 17 stones something to 16 stone something then 15 stone something ect

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