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What's for dinner ???????


will be size 10
Hi. What are we all cooking tonight ? How many of us use the w.w recipe books? I swear by them. I find the recipes really easy and the food so yummy and filling. Other times i have dieted i have relied on ready meals , but this time using the recipes i have found it easier to stick to the diet as we can eat as a family , so i don't feel so much that i am dieting. Anyone else found this ?
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Tonight I'm making a nice big free veg stir fry and I'm going to have that with a Weight Watchers Chicken Fajita pizza.

I don't use a recipe book but I'm toying with the idea of getting the new pasta and pizza one.
I'm making a lf chicken tikk masala curry with tons of veg in it,not frombook but only 4 points.
I don't see ww as a diet it's what I have to do for life so your spot on it's good to make foods that don't feel like ' diet stuff '
what are you having?x


plodding away
I am making a chinese chicken curry with rice and poppadams - hoorah. Not a ww recipe but low points using mayflower curry sauce, taste just like the curries from the chinese take away.

I do try and make something new each week sometimes using recipes from ww mags or cookery books, have go the new in 30 mins book which is good for quick snacks and meals. You are right good cooking doesnt feel like dieting cos of course we arent dieting are we?


will be size 10
Katie-Victoria the pizza pasta book is really good. We are having bbq chicken with herby roasted new potatoes and salad.. Yours all sound yummy, especially the chinese takeaway.


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We're having chargrilled chicken with corn on the cob, salad and Moroccan cous cous -yum yum yum! Comes to 6 points. Quite a big meal, but lovely!

I love the sound of the curry, I've been looking for a low point curry recipe. Yummy!

Enjoy your meals everyone!
A small rump steak, roasted baby peppers, mushrooms and tomoatoes all sprinkled in steak seasoning. A pile of salad and tocket and some EL mayo. It was scrumptious!!!



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mmm...I had grilled chicken breast stuffed with low fat garlic and herb philadelphia, new potatoes, peas and a slice of garlic bread. Om nom nom!!!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I had a KFC. havent had the happiest of afternoons so we all decided to have comfort food! Diet starts again tomorrow! :)
mmmm im hungry again now!
i had a jacket spud, 50gms oven chips (actually weighed them lol) colslaw made with ex.lgt helmans mayo, beetroot, lettuce all for 3.5pts


plodding away
Another salad cream and kfc fan here - although not necessarily at the same time.

I'm having chilli pork stir fry with noodles tonight. First time of cooking the recipe from the 30 mins cook book, so will hopefully be fab.


chunky chick :-)
well i must say girls my takeaway lat night was well worth it!! i had half a rice, half a curry sauce n onions, 4 prawn crackers and 2 chicken balls!!mmmmmmm chinese is the reason i was 14st 8 at the start of my diet! lol

tonight its a good for you curry from asda!


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I'm making the quesquedillas from this months WW mag. Can't wait.
We had the Mushroom Tartes from the quick and easy flippy cook book - they were quite tassty ---needed to cook them for much longer that said in the recipe tho'

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