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Whats gonna be your treat?

I am going to New York for my 30th next year which I refuse to be fat for. I am going to buy myself something special not sure what yet but I will know when I see it.

In the meantime I am buying new picture frames for my house to put my 30th photos in from New York as I don't want to keep hiding from a camera for the rest of my days

Love the Pandora idea btw x
I am not having treats along the way but my Fiancee has promised me a new wardrobe when I hit my goal weight :) very excited :)
Love the New York idea, I would love to do the same, and yes I know what you mean about photos, just to be able to relax when someone takes your photo in the dread that they will put it on FB...lol...sad but true.

I want to buy myself a lovely black velvet jacket ( I used to have a YSL one yeeeeaaars ago) I look awful in jackets now, if I see on in a shop and try it on size 18+ it just does not have the same effect...yuk!!

So yes, a jacket and I'll post a pic here...promise :D!
so I have been rewarding myself for every stone. The first stone was a pait of vivienne westwood earring (have lost one in my house somewhere!), then the second was a small vivienne westwood bag, and the third a vivienne westwood necklace (I *am* a bit of a fan, but it wasn't supposed to be a thing.)
Just passes the fourth stone and i'm going to have a purse from aspreys in snakeskin printed leather.

and there will be another four things after that.

once i reach goal, i quite fancy a new tattoo - quite a sizeable back piece to incorporate one I already have - i'd start now and use the rest of my stone rewards, but i'm told you need carbs if you're going to be tattooed at any length.

I am also going to NY - but that's a last-holiday-before-we-hopefully-have-a-kid thing. While I am there, though - i might treat myself to a westwood frock or a DVF wrap dress. Or some fab designer shoes.
If u reach YOUR goal my darling daughter, I shall by a Pandora charm....and a very nice one too! :) Xx

Mother i am holding you to that!! You might have to buy me a new bkini too mum for when i come visit you and strut around with my sexy figure hahaha :)

Wow some very cool rewards!! Why not indeed after being on this diet we all deserve a treat for our efforts hehe!! :D xxx
i think once i reach my goal im going to get a very small tattoo as a sentimal reminder of how much i have done to get to this stage as i think losing all the weight and being more slimmer and healthy is a reward in itself but yeh i think i might get a small tattoo... anyone can think of a good place? i like it to be discreet? i already have a tattoo on my lower back and on my inner wrist? also will buy new clothes:)
Mother i am holding you to that!! You might have to buy me a new bkini too mum for when i come visit you and strut around with my sexy figure hahaha :)
Darling, I would buy you the moon & the stars if you reach yr 1st goal. U deserve to be slim & sexy, yr beautiful inside and out! Xxx
Oh gosh i haven't even thought about it and i'm now 2 stone down......i suppose i should get my thinking cap on !!!

Any ideas anyone...... :)
there is no point buying clothes as each month they get so big they look ridiculous!

Noooooooo, don't fall in to that trap. Don't hold on to those 'fat' clothes....get rid with the intention of never wearing them again lol! U don't have to spend a fortune to look good either. The odd cheap purchase in Tesco F&F or Asda George will show you not only yr new shape & how sexy & gorgeous yr starting to look, but it keeps a person so motivated. Don't buy expensive good stuff, keep to cheap.....& you won't mind throwing out when shrinking!!!

Do u have a sewing machine? I took a lot of my clothes 'in' myself even though I'm terrible at sewing. At least I got a little more wear & boy, did I feel skinny even though I had stones to lose lol!
I threw all my big clothes out last time and I think it has been my saving grace - becasue as I have started to gain again I have had no clothes which has really made me realise how fast it was going back on and get back ontrack again. So please throw away anything that is too big so you can never ease into it again!
I have just treated myself to a new pair of jeans in the sale at Tesco for £7.00 instead of £18.00 what a bargin :) My old ones were literally hanging off me :) such a good feeling getting into smaller sizes and is suprising how much small clothes show of your loss soo much more than baggy clothes :)
I also love Pandora beads, I treated myself this weekend by buying two of them for my efforts so far and as a bonus I got a lovely Pandora bauble as a gift for my purchase! However, I have not thought about my reward once I reach my goal. Currently I am not living in the UK, but in a country with sun all year round so maybe I will treat myself to some super sexy swimwear.

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