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What's in the LL shakes/soups?

I'm hopefully starting LL in January (done form but awaiting start date).
As my 6 week preparation I started doing a pretox, then saw Celebrity Slim in a local chemist so bought some of that (on day 8 now), replacing 2 meals witn the shakes/soups. My loss wasn't a good as I'd hoped - 4lbs in first week (I'm starting out at 19stone) - and to be honest I've done better in week 1 on Slimming World and Atkins.
I know from past experience that I'm really bad with carbs (never lost weight on SW "Green" weeks) and I'm wondering if the carbs in the shakes are slowing me down? In CS shakes the carbs are 27g per sachet, of which 24.8g is "as sugars".
Can anyone tell me how this compares with LL shakes? Do they contain fibre?How have you found them idf you are bad at processing carbs?
Sharon x
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Each 32gram (dry) shake pack is slightly different (I think!) but here's the chocolate one;

12.6g protein
10.7 Carbohydrate (of which 9.7 sugars, 1 starch)
3.4g fat
1.2g fibre
0.4g sodium

a minimum of 25% of each vitamin and mineral you need

the bars have more of everything in them, here's the Peanut one;

15.5g protein
16.3g Carbohydrate (of which 29.3 sugars)
5.4g fat
5.9g fibre
0.2g sodium

a minimum of 25% of each vitamin and mineral you need

So there is about a third of the carbs in LL packs than CS it appears. And you can see the bars have quite a bit more in then, hence the reason you can only have 1 a day.

Hope that helps / answers your question! :)
Thanks Pete, that's reassuring. I'm still on CS (still most of a week's worth of sachets left) but feeling distinctly dubious about them - I guess I should work on the principle that I'd be taking in more carbs without them!:devilangel:
Pete's basically told you everything you wanted to know but I just wanted to say way to go on the weight loss, thats a fab start especially as you're doing it on your own!

Emma xXx
Thanks Emma, I guess it's a wonder I'm sticking to it, but I seem to be in the right frame of mind at the moment - hope it lasts!

And wow! look at your success!:party0011::party0011::party0011:
Hey well done on the weight loss. The others might dissagree here but I would say dont put too much pressure on yourself. You will be on LL soon and the weight will fly off and you will have councelling alongside also. Try not to stress yourself out before you start. The carb thing doesnt matter on LL- the idea is that it is all taken care of for you so you dont have to think about it. It will change your life. x

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