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whats it all about???????just £££££££?

Firstly can i just say that lighter life has been the best thing i have ever ever done wish id done it years ago.
BUT and its a big BUT (a bit like mine was 18 weeks ago!) i went to my meeting this thursday as usual and great i lost 5.7 pounds biggest loss yet well i reached 5 stone weight loss and have only 2 weeks till route to management so i asked my counsellor the important question-when are the meetings? Apparantly theres just one meeting a week and its at 5pm bearing in mind i finish work at 6pm getting home at 6.30 pm i asked what could i do and was told try and find another counsellor.
Well i am not the only one in my group(we meet at 7.30pm) who cant get there for 5pm but there was really no sympathy and i feel absolutely furious as i have attended every meeting paid out a fortune and been told every week how important route to management is and now i am stuck after the first 2 weeks of rtm(shes letting me stay in my present abstinance group for the first 2 weeks)
I suddenly feel as if the only thing she was interested in was money and thats very dissapointing
So now i am looking at having to try and do it myself which i find really scary
I dont drive so depend on lifts to meetings
and this was the nearest place
Its really ruined what should be a really happy week for me
was 16stone 3 pounds now 11stone 2pounds target 10 stone 10
bmi was 39 now 25.6
body fat was 50% now 34%
nearly there!!!!!!!!!!!
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...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
I know it sucks, but you do have to remember the LL Counsellor also has a life outside of LL and in my case mine was doing LL as a second job/hobby. It wasn't profitable enough to do as a main job even though she wished she could.

Well done on your progress - it's really impressive! :) But it almost sounds like you rely on group/counselling sessions very heavily. I remember my LLC didn't have a group for me to join after Foundation and didn't have a suitable group for RTM either - so I did it on my own for quite a few months. It teaches a lot of discipline to be able to do this. I still went to see my LLC on a weekly basis to have a 'Weigh in' and to briefly discuss any issues I was having.

Obviously have a think about what will actually happen when RTM reaches end. It's not easy, let me tell you! You have to come to terms with many issues - such as - you probably will never be able to eat anywhere near as much as you used to. You won't be able to touch certain foods forever. I know right now - when all the toxins are out of your body it's easy to say 'That's fine with me!' .. But once we're in the 'real world of food' it's not so easy anymore. Chemicals within food will wreak havoc and you will have to be in 'adult mode' 100% of the time...

...yes, scary scary thoughts, but... I've had to learn the hard way. It's easy to slip up. Doing RTM is vital - so try to find a way to be able to do it, even if it's on your own, following the guide book to the letter. It's doable. Have faith in yourself. x

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