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What's the best thing for munch on at the cinema???

Here's a radical idea, which will probably make me fairly unpopular.

Why is it necessary for people to eat while sitting in the cinema? It is noisy, distracting, antisocial and messy. :atthemovies:

Take nothing. You won't starve.


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i took some cereal when i went dried obviously hehe, 5.5 syns:) or maybe something like rasins?xxxx


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I usually take Quavers (about 5.5 syns?) and then grapes or some other form of fruit, just because they're so easy to munch the whole way through a film :) I usually buy a Diet Coke while I'm there so I don't feel entirely left out :)
Can you not make your own plan popcorn before you go? Or I think you can buy it?

Nikki x


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Popcorn is around 5 and 1/2 syns for 28g, so its not a lot to munch on. I'm off to the cinema later and going to take some grapes, diet coke and some mikado choc (at only 1/2 syn per stick) so I dont miss out on my choc hit!


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Snack a Jack popcorn, I think the Lightly Salted one is around 2.5 syns per 28g. Or Butterkist Light popcorn 50g bag for 6.5 syns. Still within your syn limit. If I go the cinema I automatically want popcorn! I have also taken Snack a Jacks jumbos with me - caramel for one is 2.5 syns and chocolate at 3 syns. I eat 2 of these and they do seem to fill me up a bit.
I love to go to the movies. I think it is especially the warm cinema popcorn that I love. And as I usually only go about once a month, I don't worry about having a small popcorn and a soda.

As long as you only eat cinema snacks once on a blue moon, I'm sure that it won't harm your diet that much.
Last week I took a pot of chopped up strawberries and grapes, I got the snacky feeling of picking at popcorn without the syns and actually really enjoyed them.


I WILL be thin!!
Aileen, is a full box all the syns or do you have to count them out?!

Mrs V

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I dont like popcorn as I hate having to pick it out of my teeth afterwards, so for me its not an issue.
I suppose if I did want a snack, although Im with Avisk on this one, it would be some fruit, but I would just make sure that Ive eaten before I go and then less likely to want anything to eat.
I usually make sure that I'm on a red or green day, so that I have 2 HEXb's to go for....

I take 4 alpen lights (2 x HEXb), and toffee poppets (1/2 syn each, very chewy and last ages!!) that I measure out before I go.

Reasons for eating at the cinema? I've discovered that if my husband has popcorn (he isn't doing SW) and I have nothing, that the temptation to just munch some popcorn is too strong and distracts me from the film. Also, for me, if I have nothing with me I spend the whole film thinking about FOOD!!!!
Yeah a full box is about 15 syns, as there are about 30 in the box.

I just didnt have any other syns that day and stuck to my 5-10 the rest of the days :)
I go to the cinema regularly (cineworld card) and always bring fruit- tonnes of it. Usually stuff i can just pop in my mouth; strawberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges. Don't take apples though, they make too loud a CRUNCH and the people in front of you will not be happy. :|
If i want to use syns I bring a kellogg's fibre plus bar chopped into small bits, snack a jacks or mikado in addition to the fruit. And to avoid them searching me I always buy a large coke zero. :)


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
i would sometime freeze one or 2 muller light about 3 hours b4 and take with me plus some fruit to avoid being searched i always buy a large diet coke , if i go in a group i take a flexi syn day , but this happens not very often , i tend to go on my own .