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Whats the best times to take shakes?


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i have my breakfast about 8-9ish
lunch about 1-2pm
and supper soups at 7-8

that works for me
and i drink loads of water inbetween

but it depends on your lifestyle and when you can fit them in really

I think you do what suits your body's rhythm. Some people on here have all their LT options in the evening, going the whole day without anything other than water and tea/coffee - God knows how they do it. I have mine morning, lunch and dinner time with coffee and FibreClear mid morning and mid afternoon. You should only use FibreClear twice a day according to the directions on the tub.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
It is a personal preference when you take your shakes. As you say you will find your own rhythm. As long as you take them both each day that's what matters. Some men split their shakes and then make them up into two meals.
Make sure to take your fibre supplement every day. I took psyllium husk capsules every day and it really helped. Fibreclear is fine too, just make sure to take it every day. A fibre supplement helps bulk up your bowels and pulls water into the bowel so it is also important to drink extra water as well.
Good luck
Hi, my first post but this question bothered me at first to.

Only on day four and day three was horrible. I came so close to quitting last night but managed to hang in. I have been having my first shake around 8:15 which was normal breakfast time and my second at around 6:30, normal tea time. However, I was so bad yesterday, I had to mix my shake at 6:00 as I was so hungry it hurt (yep, a big fat bloke but still feels pain lol) Anyway, on day four, I left my morning shake until 12:00, it is Saturday though, and felt fine so this evening, I should not be so desperate.

As said above, it is best to find a rhythm and follow it, although it may change from day to day. Just go with the flow.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on hanging in there. To avoid the hunger pang why not split the shakes and make up half a pack at a time. Also keep sipping water rather than drinking down big glasses all at once. I found sipping a water bottle helped keep the hunger at bay. Once ketosis sets in you won't feel hungry. So keep strong, you are doing well.
Thanks for the support Molly.

I did consider the splitting of the shakes but two does fit into the way I work so I just need to get the timings to suit me. Definitely one to bear in mind if things change later on though. Always prepared to change if it helps.

Wise words on sipping rather than drinking. I started drinking full glasses on day one and felt I was getting so waterlogged. Sipping, little and very often, is the way to go.

looking at your stats above, I am very impressed. If I can do similar, I will be one very happy bloke, you have done amazingly well and a fine example to us all.
I know this is a late reply but newbies who are reading I will answer. I take mine at 9, 1, and 6pm. I dont want to take anything after 6 so my body is not trying to work it off when I go to sleep.
I have my soup at about 2.00, shake at 6.00 and flapjack at 9.00, it is working for me as I like to have something to look forward to later in the day. Good luck

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