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What's the difference? JUDDD/DODO/5:2 -24 or 36 hrs

Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by sammyzip50, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. sammyzip50

    sammyzip50 Well-Known Member


    Not sure with all the types and versions!

    Please shed some light as I am sure one of them is for me :p
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  3. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    Good question and I hope more will answer.
    This is how I have perceived it. Almost all is the same principle, you faster 2 days out of the 7 in a week but they should not follow each other. You can call it JUDDD/DODO/5:2.
    The hours is about how long time it should take in between the meals at a faster day. Personally I go for the 36hrs as I wish to empty my glucogen levels in my muscles and trick my metabolism to burn fat instead. So HOW??
    I have the "Last supper" (dramatic - isn't it) the evening before a faster day at 8 PM and wait until 2 PM the following day to have my 500 cal mean. Then I don't eat anything until breakfast the next morning. Same procedure the next day.
    I hope this shed some light
  4. fattifi

    fattifi Well-Known Member

    JUDDD is "Johnsons Up Day Down Day Diet- Also known as alternate day fasting- you fast (consume fewer than 500cals) every other day.

    5:2 you fast 2 days out of 7.

    DODO I have no idea!

    Some people, especially those on JUDDD, fast for 24hrs- e.g 2pm one day to 2pm the other, that way they eat everyday. It works for some people and works best on JUDDD rather than 5:2. 5:2 works best on a 36hr fast e.g fasting from 10pm on a feast day to 8am on your next feast day, consuming only 500cals in between. I hope this helps?
  5. 2012willdoit

    2012willdoit 2016 Fitness/Fatness Status Changes

    Sod the science - that will work whichever way you choose. Just have a shot at all of them and see which one suits you.

    I started JUDDDing and, months before Dr Moseley, had settled on what has now become 5:2 as my own variation. JUDDD is older than most but they are all variations on a theme. None is more right than any other. None works better, costs more/less, has more/less credibility.

    All are variations on Intermittent Fasting and the only real rule is try to have 24 hours with very, very few kcals at least twice a week. That's it!

    All you have to do now is work out which pattern suits you and your lifestyle best.

    If it helps, I have Monday and Thursday as Down Days. So I will eat at about 6-7pm on Sunday and then won't eat more than 500kcals until about 10 - Noon on Tuesday. So I manage 36 - 40 hours with 500kcals. There was no science behind that choice, it just fits and is doable for me.

    Good luck :)
  6. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    Hi 2012Willdoit, I couldn't agree with you more on finding your own way to succeed. Have you also tried 3:4 scheme?
  7. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    The only difference is the number of fast days in the week. JUDDD is 3, 5:2 id 2, DODO is presumably also 3. Find which one works best for you and your lifestyle and go for it!
  8. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    Hmm ... I wasn't sure about that difference. Then JUDDD is not what I do. Thanks for clarify
  9. Want2BeSlim

    Want2BeSlim Well-Known Member

    I agree, just give it a go and go with whichever either works best for you and your lifestyle. I've only ever tried JUDDDD. I had considered trying 5:2, I liked the thought of just two 'down days' but just didn't think I'd be able to lose on it so I stayed with doing alternate days.
  10. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    It sounds hard to fast three days in a week, might try it though if I don't move my weight downward.
  11. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    Is there any 2,5:4,5 diet? Monday, Wednesday and half Friday

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