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Whats the silliest thing you've ever done in pursuit of losing weight?

Sure we've all been there - silly diets etc?

I once ran 4 miles wearing a bin liner under my track suit - because my friends mum said it would help us lose weight.... needless to say it DIDN'T and we attracted some very curious glances as we rustled and sweated along ....:)
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cabbage soup diet, phew need I say more :eek:


Not me, but my cousin lost a bit of weight eating nothing but oranges.

She didn't get out of the toilet much right enough.


I can do this.
fruit diet... lost weight, but now i can't stand fruit.
I had my other half walking around me one night with a roll of cling film. Used the whole roll to wrap around my belly, nice and tight, with the intention of sleeping in it and maybe sweating some pounds away whilst I slept.

I never happened...as soon as I moved, the whole thing started rolling up and slowly down (imagine a pair of stockings that are too tight rolling down your leg)

It was quite hilarious! and certainly worth a try :)

Told my friends during a wedding rehearsal the next day, it was all very quiet in the church while the vicar run through the vows with the happy couple and after I told the girls, they burst out into hysterical laughter. hehe...

Then it was like we were back in school, in a quiet classroom, trying not to giggle... :)
I ate one meal a day( what ever i wanted = junk food) for two months and every week my portion size went down and lost 4 stone. I know crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

another one when i was a teen, i had coffee and a cracker for break and for lunch two crackers and a coffee then for dinner super noddles lost two stone on that. mega crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


a bit different everyday
lived on soups and shakes for 5 months.............................


no just kidding

i lived on 2 slices of marmite on toast coffee and fags for 2 weeks, lost over a stone but fainted in the end:rolleyes:
The silliest stunt i've pulled was when i used to go to the doctors to get weighed, i'd stand on the scales, pull my belly in as tight as possible and hold my breath until my cheeks were burning red.

I never did like those scales...;)


Back on the wagon!
Done them all at one stage or another!!! 3 hard boiled eggs and a bunch of grapes for 3 months....lost 2 stone but was so run down and ill afterwards......oh and how hate hard boiled eggs LOL


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As a teenager sticking to 250 cals a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mainly marmite and celery! Lost about 1.5stone and then couldn't stop eating! Can't recommend it!


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Haha, these stories are excellent! I think the most stupid thing I ever did was to always scedule my blood donation appointments for just before my weightwatchers weigh in. We had a majorie dawes style leader and I was terrified of her!
No really crazy diets (tho my mates all think this one is a bit whacky:mad:), however always schedule my weigh ins first thing in the morning, and NEVER have a shake before I get weighed in case it makes a single ounce of a difference!! My mum lost four stone once on an apple, an orange and a boiled egg every day. Funny how oranges and eggs keep making an appearance isnt it?!?!
Oooooh this is funny!

I tried to get food poisoning once so that I'd be ill & not eat as I'd lost 7lb on an all inclusive holiday when I had it! Dim or what?!

The diet that worked best for me until now is the 'men are ba*%$rds diet', always lost loads after a break up!


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Constructed a silly low cal diet (around 7/800) that allowed me still to eat my favourites:

B'fast black coffee + apple
Lunch 2 bags of crisps :eek:
Dinner Plate of chips

Only stuck to it for a couple of weeks and did lose 7 pounds, but didn't feel exactly healthy.

Shame it didn't put me off crisps or chips :rolleyes:
You are all mentalists....... esp the cling film and DONATING BLOOD haha heard it all now!:D:D
oh i am the queen of diets.

when i was 15 i lived on ribena and 5 alive...and cos my name is tina its here comes ribena tina. lost stupid amounts but put it all back on and more!

ive ate food then threw it up or had a few laxatives (Lurrrvlly)

u name it ive done it!!

thanks to cd tho hope is in view!woop woop

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