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What's your Dukan discovery -


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- the food or recipe you tried only because it was in the diet, and now couldn't live without.

For me it is a zero-fat greek yogurt - with a tablespoon of toffee mullerlight on top (I can make a single mullerlight last 3 days that way!)

I have a bowl midafternoon every day, and will probably stay addicted for the rest of my life!

I've even bought an ice-cream maker (£15 in Robert Dyas!) so that I can experiment with a frozen version for the summer!

What about you?
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I'd never tried celeriac or goji berries before and now quite like them. Also, the oatbran seems such a good idea that I'm very glad I found it through Dukan.


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Marinading chicken was my Dukan discovery. Yog with spices, soy or anything! yummy and great now its bbq season x
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Discovering how easy it is to prepare and cook a huge variety of meals healthily - such as making sauces using yoghurt, fromage frais, cornflour, milk powder etc. instead of cream and butter.

That's a really big one, because it is usually the foundation of most meals and can be alternated indefinitely.

The other would be discovering exactly how little oil you really need to use to cook with!


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For me - oatbran and wheatbran - resulting porridge is lovely and a definite stayer (except in summer when I don't have porridge but I'll happily have cake/galette instead).

Also, (as previously said) yogurt/fromage blanc in cooking rather than cream/butter. Also skimmed milk - no problem for me to carry it on (had planned to phase it out, but honestly the semi-skimmed milk, while fine once in a while, is too creamy for me now:eek:).

I would say sweetners, because I'd have been lost without them, but will be getting rid eventually as much prefer sugar and don't use that much really (except cakes which I can happily leave).

Discovered goji berries - not easy to get hold of though - none in our organic supermarket nor in the usual fruit/veg place I shop at but I will carry on with these (mainly on PP days except in winter when I'll have them daily - nicer than vitamin tablets:)).

And although I didn't discover rhubarb, I discovered (thanks to Jo:D) that I could get it here at a frozen food place (doesn't grow here - wrong soil/climate). Funnily enough, found it fresh when stocking up on fruit/veg earlier today for the first time ever. Didn't buy any - too expensive:eek:, much cheaper frozen and all tastes the same when cooked. Anyway, that's a stayer, mainly for PP days when I need fruit (not that it is one;)).
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I love oat bran porridge with a sprinkle of sweetner:), never would have dreamt of eating before but a bowl late afternoon each day stops me nibbling the kids leftovers!



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Probably most of the above.
Definite revelation that you don't need oil for frying most things, including onions and pancakes.

Porridge. Eggs.


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Gosh, most of the above (except porridge... can't abide slop!!)...

I guess the biggest change "this time" in my Dukan life, since discovering the UK version of the diet, is marinating... Thanks Vicky!

Also konjac noodles and goji berries are a great discovery... as is sugar free jelly.

Other things I had already discovered with Dukan over here, so those are the three main ones for 2011 Dukan!

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