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What's your evil demon food???

Curry, donner kebab, steak and chips, pizza....you name it and I will eat it!!!! That's why SS'ing is really important to me!


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Curry, donner kebab, steak and chips, pizza....you name it and I will eat it!!!! That's why SS'ing is really important to me!
Before I started I would have said chocolate or cake but I have really missed bread and realised just how much I must have been eating without particularly noticing - have rarely been tempted in almost 5 months of SS but come close to violence if people near me eat garlic bread!!! Smells so good...


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bannoffee pie as made by my lovely sister in law Jackie in Brighton:)

It is to die for...
Oooo, toast with butter and marmite too!!! Or Fried eggs on toast!!

Must stop thinking about food now!!!

ive been dreaming about a lovely big pastie since i started ss back in march mmmmmm mouth watering again at the thought lol
i dont really know..... i dont suppose i have a food of choice. I love my mothers arab recipies that we ate when we were little (i also learned they are the best hangover cure)

I just miss eating with my OH, and being social :(


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Chicken korma with garlic naan!! YUUUMMM!!! But anything thats bad for me! lol Fish and chips......toast with butter.....large farmhouse breakfast down the pub on a saturday morning! (drools in Homer Simpson like fashion) MMMmmmmmmmm, breakfast down the pub.......(drools again)
Am i bad???!!! rofl


I will get to goal .....
Peanut butter on toast, peanut butter on crumpets, peanut butter on celery, peanut butter sandwhiches, peanut butter straight from the jar ..... you get the idea!

Big big big chocolate fan too. Can easily make a large bar of any chocolate disappear as if by magic :D
Butter Chicken and Keema Naan or French Bread, unsalted butter and mature cheddar, Prawns, really want prawns for some reason never really been that keen on them but I want them now !!, and Marmite, anything with marmite on it. Oh and I know for all you with Irish blood in you, a good old Ulster Fry, using Soda and Potato, Sausages, Bacon, Fried Eggs, Pancakes etc. OK I am going now, sorry everyone


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Before I started this diet all food was demon food, I would eat/nibble most things if it was put in front of me or even near me!

Now though since being on cd my biggest demon foods (the ones that Ive cheated with every time) are ...... potatoes and bread! Potatoes, roasted, boiled, mashed, chipped ... I dont seem to be able to stop myself, all reasoning goes out the window. The bread hasnt been so bad, have cheated with 3 slices since being on cd but its still something I fancy quite a bit on some days?

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes.
Pizza. It has to be pizza... :sigh:

Though weirdly enough, since starting this diet, I can even start to salivate about the idea of cottage cheese with celery. Now that really is plain wrong... :D
Think I am a bit of a freak, the thing I miss most is my breakfast, blueberries, mandarin segments, a rhubarb activia yoghurt with a bit of museli on the top, and a few nuts and seeds! I totally love it!
But I also live above a pizza shop, and the smells which waft in my window are super-tempting!
Think though, prob pasta is my worst enemy, and the occasional bit of bread.
I've also been sorely tempted by Starbucks blueberry cheesecake! If I was on 790 that would take up my entire day's calorie intake probably!! Not to mention kicking me wayyy out of ketosis! Eeek! Will be months before I can think about having any again, and even then, I can only have a small taste! I think that is the hardest thing about this diet - knowing you can't go back to eating the stuff you did before without consequences! Still, it's worth it!

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