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What's your favourite low calorie treat?!

Thought it'd be a nice idea to share some of our favourite low calorie treats! Shall we say no more than 150 calories??

Hmmm, mine would be...

* Light wine gums - 80 cals
* Walls light vanilla ice cream - 60 cals (2 scoops!!)
* Iced gems - 100 cals
* Meringue nests - 50 cals

The list is endless for me actually :p
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A bitesized drifter, blue ribband, toffee crisp, breakaway, kitkat, french fries, skips or squares!!! I luv my little snacks!!
hi guys:)
i'm probably behind the times:rolleyes:
but i had my first alpen light bar yesterday,as i needed a quick snack while visiting my mum in hospital(and seeing as it's a hospital,i was really shocked at the amount of c**p they sell,cos they're quick enough to have a go at you for being big!!)anyway the alpen bar was 70 cals,and so much nicer than i was expecting it to be!
though i better only buy them in singles,cos i'm not sure i'd stop at one if i had a whole box!:giggle:
i also find the del monte real fruit juice lollies a godsend for late night snacks,87 cals per 100mls and each lolly is 75mls,think that makes them about 65 cals each.the pinneapple ones are lush!
Only around 100 cals in my snacks.....kitkat comes in the most at 107 cal!! Just had me a drifter now, soooo yummy!! x
I love raspberry sugar free jelly with light cadbury chocolate mousse... mmmmmmm


Got To Keep Counting :D
Koka Noodles - 147ckals :)
Chewee Bar (White Chocolate) - 91ckals
M&S Count On Us Chocolate Moose - 90ckals
Refreshers Lolli-Ice - 57ckals (Its huge too, never tried them though)


size 14 here I come
Solero ice cream (99 cals)
aero mint ice cream (99 cals)
calipo shots (25 cals)
babybel (60 cal)
WW desserts (180 cals)
Koka Noodles - 147ckals :)
is that for the whole lot? only i know it's difficult to get the nutritional values for these as not in english etc, on ww they say these are around 10points... which suggests a hell of a lot more than 147cals :( just want to make sure before going out and buying a trolly full as i love noodles :D thanks :) xx

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