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Whats your favourite Superfree food?

grapes, cherries, carrot and pepper sticks
Clementines and mango and bananas :)

Not that big on veg - I'll eat it, but eurgh.
blackberries, redcurrants, strawbs, mangoes, grapefruit, broccoli... Oh heck I love it all.. :D Only thing I don't like is peppers.


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Peaches, Strawberries, Gala melon, Cherries, Cucumber, baked beans, baked beans, baked beans, oh did I mention baked beans? Prtttttttttttttttt :jelous:


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Most fruit.......hate most veg, will eat carrots and suede at a push.....lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red onion, pickled onions.....baked beans


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are beans superfree?

Mine are onions & butternut squash!
couldn't see them on the list - they are free superspeed though and have an F symbol by them (and we all now what that means!) on green anyway. Think they are a HEX on red.

Which makes them free on EE
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I love blackberries and raspberries and so does everyone else in the family so it's costing a fortune. I also love cabbage and carrots:)
I know it doesn't help for this year, but raspberries are easy to grow, we've got them in pots in the yard & had loads this year.

I love, melon, raspberries, blueberries, starberries, pineapple, bananas & all veg.;)
I am loving raspberries at the moment and makes it eve better that we have tons of them in our garden :) They are amazing with a meringue nest and vanilla muller light ... bit like an eton mess :)

also love strawberries , blackberries
, pears , courgette ... wish sweetcorn was superfree .. but love it anyway :) and peas straight out of my garden :)


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Strawberries all the way! I looove them!! I can eat mountains of them haha :)
And i love baked beans, I have them with everything!!


Is a crunchy mama!
Butternut squash
Red onions
Green beans




Is a crunchy mama!
I'm sure baked beans are super free, just had a look in my book! x
Baked beans are superspeed but not superfree. Superfree foods are foods you can eat freely on all plans and baked beans are not free on red days.

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