What's your favourite SW breakfast?


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Just wondering what your fave/most eaten brekkies are?
My faves/staples are;

  • Porridge with greek yogurt and brown sugar stirred in
  • Fried egg on toast with a smidge of ketchup
  • Toast with laughing cow light and jam/apricot preserve with homemade latte
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Fruit salad (ie apple, bit of banana, strawberries, blueberries) with a toffee mullerlight, 1 scan bran and either 28g oatiflakes or oatibix....i eat that every day without fail and still look fwd to breakfast!


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I generally don't eat breakfast but on the rare occasions that I do, I quite like mullerlight and fruit


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well at this time of year
it has to be porridge with cinammon
at other times of year scambled eggs
or fruit with a fat free yog


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I usualy have coffee+milk end something like Oatbran muffins or Alpen light or Revyta crunchy fruiths with extra light Lo Cow cheese


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Is porridge free or has it been free previously? I'm sure I heard my SWC say that it was free, but in my red/green book it is syned... Sorry to highjack the thread!!!!


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Porridge oats are not free but you can have 28g as a HEB.

My favourite would have to be the full cooked breakfast - veggie sausages, french toast, beans, hash browns, fried egg and toast.


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I have just had a potato, sprout and carrot omelette! Man it was goooood! But that wouldn't be my normal breakfast. I usually have muesli + a little all-bran with milk (my HEA and B reserving a little of my milk allowance for my cuppas through the day).


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I usually eat w/m toast but I also like wheatabix (put in microwave for 2 mins and it's lovely thick and warm) and mullerlight with an apple.


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I'm a wetabix and hot milk kind of gal :D or porridge is a great alternative, If i'm feeling really peckish nothing can fill me like bacon, poached egg, tin toms and a little bit of brown sauce.


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My fave in the week breakfast is eggs - either boiled, poached or scrambled, with WW wholemeal toast.

My weekend breakfast is - Turkey rashers, eggs, tinned tomatoes and mushrooms, with WW wholemeal toast.