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What's your hobbies?


Trying again!!!
Shopping, shopping and errr shopping (mainly for bargains!!) No seriously I also love reading, cooking, Ebaying and being on here lol!
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I'm into horses (DD has a pony and once i've lose weight i'm taking up riding again), i enjoy reading, listening to music, and gardening :)
I love being creative I used to do acting and singing and will be teaching drama in September as an after school class. I am really excited about that.

For now I have just taught myself loom knitting cross stich and am attempting to learn dressmaking.


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hmm, i love watching films, i watch 1 or 2 films eveeryday, if i was brave enough to go to the cinema alone i would be there all the time. reading, love a good book!, art, music/going to gigs AND SCRABBLE! i love playing scrabble, well on facebook and nintendo ds, pretty addictive, gives the brain a good workout.

none of these invovle moving my bum though! :rolleyes:


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Horses! I only have one at the mo but when time and money allows would love another one and maybe one for the kids (but mine will be bought first!) x x
football is the main one. I also enjoy socialising, shopping, travelling, cooking & reading. This is like cv writing, I now feel very inadequate


Slow but sure....
Let me see I like......

Reading, PC, Cross Stitch, Knitting, Crosswords, Puzzles of any kind, music, TV and Films and Chatting (as you will have noticed I'm sure) LOL...and chickens (I have 6) and my lovely dog Chloe she is just 1 year old and adorable.


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Oooh you have chickens? :D We have 6 too! 3 are ex-battery hens (5 ended up dying after a while, but we were told to expect that :( ) and 3 are crosses, one of which i've had since she was 9 weeks old and just out of the heat lamp - her name's chooky :D LOL

What kind of dog have you got? xx
I like holidays (planning and going), cooking, reading (mainly on holiday) and going to the gym, which i've started doing again recently. Wish i had time to do more!
I have two kids of my own and look after my twin nephews four days a well as well as helping out in my aunts shop - so when I have time I like to read - really into James Patterson books at the minute and I also love to cook.

I'm awful for losing hours and hours on the internet, first it was on general baby/parenting (pushchairs!) forums, then I had twins so it was multiple forums, I spent a brief while on facebook but bored of that now, and now I'm developing a habit on this forum and the slimming world website!! And through out I've also had an ebay habit, buying and selling buggies, but that's almost at an end as my littlest ones are 3.5yrs old, so can't really buy any new prams now!

Apart from internet based things, I used to love cycling, photography, cross stitch and reading, am starting to get some more time for these now the kids are growing! I also love cooking and baking, really want to do a sugarcraft course, but not sure that is the best of ideas when I'm trying to stick to SW!

Amy x


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Ooh, great thread - I love these "nosy" threads!

Most of my spare time is spent in the garden, I grow lots of my own veg so that takes up my time and this year I've grown plants for the garden from seed so I've been nurturing them too.

I love walking, especially in the Yorkshire Dales, and holidays too.

I love cooking, card making, crafty things like knitting although I don't have much time for the crafts sadly.

I love reading - Jodi Picoult is a bit of a fave but other than that its cookery and gardening books.

If only I didn't have to work!!
Cross stitch is my big thing, I can spend hours doing it and not think about foooooood lol. But when I do think about it then cooking and trying to look profesional in the kitchen kicks in. Like watching films and am a huge huge fan of the Archers and radio 4. I find I can have a good rant at some of the debates and there is nobody to contradict me lol XXXX

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