What's your Thinspiration?!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by emmapetty, 20 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    What is inspiring you to lose weight?

    I have 5 reasons:

    - To be healthier in general
    - To be able to extend our family in the New Year
    - To be able to fit into a warehouse dress that I wore once 5 years ago for a special occasion
    - To wear and feel good in a new outfit at my best friends wedding in March 2015
    - To enjoy looking at photos of myself with my family

    Would love to hear everyone elses 'Thinspiration'!
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  3. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Hi Emma im restarting today lost 5 stone just over 2 years ago put it all back on and a bit more. My thinspiration is
    1- my holidays in 13 weeks wanna try and lose 3stone at least
    2- be able to into shops and buy nice clothes
    3- MOST IMPORTANT get into my wedding dress next year i have already bought it as a size 14 its my "get into " dress

    Good luck with your journey
  4. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    I will not be a fat bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The hen is on this weekend and I hit goal last week. It has been my obsession since January. I was a fat bride. I have little interest in having my photos up around the house and I recoiled at my wedding dvd. It is gathering dust in some drawer in the house. My husbands sister is getting married soon and I'm maid of honour. I have a horror of being a big lump in those photos.
  5. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Well done on hitting goal :) thats fab
  6. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    Great thinspirations!

    We can do this ladies, we will reach our goals :)
  7. formyson

    formyson Member

    My 18 month old son is my inspiration
  8. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Do you know this spurred me on too. Ready an article about how obese people raise obese kids really got to me.
  9. emmapetty

    emmapetty Going for Goal!

    I am totally with you here!

    I want my son to be healthy and be part of a healthy family. To be able to freely play with my son without being breathless or suffering with my aching back.

    Kids make everything achievable and worth every hurdle :)
  10. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    mine are:

    1) A wedding this sunday. People (fatter than me) were mean to me at the hen weekend and it'll be nice to show up thinner!
    2) Barbados! My daughter and i are going with friends the end of August. i will not be a whale while i'm there!!!
    3) Pride. I have no love for myself when i'm bigger than a 10. I hide away and disgust myself. So time to feel proud of my body and keep it as it should be. Small!
    4) My daughter. I dont want her to have a fat mom. I want her to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise.
    5) To shop in nicer shops, buy clothes, and STAY IN THEM! I always buy in primark becuase nothing stays in my wardrobe for long because i end up too fat for them. I'd like to buy a jacket for £100 and know it will be an investment as i'll be wearing it for years! lol
    6) To find me a man! Men are shallow unfortunately and seem to judge anyone over a size 10 as fat (sweeping statement there based on 3 years of being on my own and on MANY dates!). I'd like to be more active with a partner too (not just sex lol) so being smaller helps that.
  11. Ian1975

    Ian1975 Full Member

    We are.

    We can't help it - we're simple creatures!

    I'm the exception of course! I'm on Cambridge after all - I know what a mind-f**k (excuse the language - but it's the best way I can put it) being heavier than you want is. I value wit, intellect and humour..... because I have none of those :)

    That said, from a looks / body point of view, I still fancy Helen Mirren (I'm 38 FFS!), love to see women with a woman's body and curves in all the best places! I dislike seeing women with figures like wee boys!

    There you go - from one of the only blokes on the forum :)

    My thinspiration:

    (1) To be a dad my kids are proud of on the beach in the summer!

    (2) To not look like the hideous lump I pictured in boxer shorts in the mirror on 3rd April

    (3) To feel good about myself - I mean really good about myself

    (4) To not get knackered too easily with physical activity - kids, sports, walks, otherwise(!)

    (5) I used to play rugby league - I want to look something like the clip I saw of myself on Sky Sports a few weeks ago.... 11st 7lbs and toned. That was only 6 years ago

    (6) To fit into my clothes - everything was too small

    (7) To buy a wardrobe of new clothes - for the right reasons, because everything is too big

    (8) To not feel like the life is being sucked out of you because every time you look in the mirror you think "fat b**tard", making you miserable beyond belief

    (9) To enjoy food (I love good food!), enjoy it in moderation, taste and savour the food, and not treat it as a comfort blanket.

    There. Most of them are for me to be honest - I just want this. Badly!
  12. tor137

    tor137 Full Member

    To not be the fat bridesmaid in September
    To not get out of breath so easily
    For my little boy , do t want him having a fat mom
    More confidence

    God I could just keep going on but I'm not going to ?
  13. AuburnAshes

    AuburnAshes Full Member

    Mine is simple, straightforward and...shallow. :)

    I'm 40 in September. I'm newly single after a pretty horrible relationship.

    I want to look and feel better in time for my birthday.

  14. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    For me I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin. That means having clothes that fit and being able to go into shops without getting that look from the sales assistant. To enjoy all those physical activities I've always loved doing but struggled with.

    I'm sure over time this has and will change. But as long as it's done that's the most important thing to me.

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