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Whats your Xmas eve traditions????

Ok we were all having a chat in work today about our xmas eve traditions and it got me feeling all happy :) /excited about xmas!!!! Cant wait!!!

So quite a few of us in work have xmas traditions!!!

My Xmas eve is spent trailling my dad around the shops to buy his xmas pressies for my mum!!! I know talk about last min lol!!! Then its home to my 2 boys and we get take out for dinner open 1 xmas pressie each, always the same pressie of new pj's to wear on xmas eve. Them we watch muppets xmas carol with the duvets around us and a tub of pick and mix lol!!!!!!

So whats ur traditions????? :26:
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I sometimes prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day as it's quite relaxed and chilled out.
We have a big buffet, invite the family round, open one present each - just like you, new PJ's for Christmas Eve!!! Then stay up late watching rubbish tele with sweeties and biscuits.


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Well mine use to be the whole milk and cookies for Santa thing with my little brother, then trying to make him going to bed at a reasonable hour to do the sack. But this will be a year of new traditions as its mine and OHs first xmas in our flat!!!

It will probably involve drinking and watching tele lol xx
Well mine is changing this yr again.

Usually working or when I still lived in Essex driving up the motorway (before and after my 3 yr old) then help with last bit of shopping for mom, bath an go out dressed up for Xmas with mates to local club!

This year as Jacob is 3 and it's my first Xmas with new partner in our own house we gonna eat take out watch all Xmas DVDs just me my son n partner. Get Jacob to bed so me n jay can drink and watch DVD together all snuggled on sofa then move all pressys under the tree as Santa has come lol
I think i prefare xmas eve to Xmas day as well!!! I dont know there is just something magical about xmas eve no matter what age you are!!!! Pesty U should defo start a tradition something that you can do each year to get in the xmas spirit!!!
I get my two babies new pj's too!! (3 & 18months)

I love xmas eve aswell, think its really nice with low lights, nice warm house, pj's & slippers & a big glass of wine then the mamouth task of arranging all the pressies!! I keep them out of the way till xmas eve so they are mega excited - my 3yr old really understands this year too so I am extra excited!!

I also will be setting the dining room ready for our xmas feast :D


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We let madam open a present before bed. She has new PJ's anyway so the present is usually a small one from a relative. Then when she's in bed i open a bottle of wine and we begin building presents, last minute wrappings and having a giggle to music :)
For me too it is a year of change and after 25 years of spending Christmas Eve preparing as much as I could for Christmas lunch for between 20 and 30 people this year I am being taken out !! It is a nice dinner out for us..........first time ever.

Then home to the T.V. and our animal family, a roaring log fire and a cuddle.
I'm working this Christmas eve, but its not work as in boring i look after kids in care and for somereason i love it.... I just love getting them all excited and stuff, but when i finish i'll be hitting the pub and catching up with everyone haha.. :) I'm getting rather excited now for Christmas now x x
We ALWAYS have a curry on Xmas eve and then will probably watch a film.
My Nan always used to say it was officially christmas at 6 o'clock because the shops were shut and if we didnt have it by then it was tough we werent having it! (regarding the mad christmas food shopping everyone seems to do!)

This year will be the our 3rd Xmas in our own place and our 3rd xmas with my mum haha no peace for us!
My husband and my eldest go shopping to get my xmas and birthday presents and to deliver the last of the cards and presents to the relatives, me and the other 2 just normally potter round the house watching dvds etc, then we have a nice dinner, baths for us all, bit of telly, cookies and milk for father christmas and then bed for the kids.
We give them an hour or so to get to sleep then we have to get the stockings and presents down and under the tree, then we go to bed,
I love christmas eve:D


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This is my first year being retired :D. However I shall still watch Love Actually with a glass of sherry!
Last year was mine and OH's first Xmas while living together so we cooked a nice home made meal Xmas Eve, then opened one gift each and cuddled on the sofa.

This year we will be driving to my parents in Wales as we're spending Xmas eve and day with them this year. My dad will be cooking a meal for us all (my Nan spends Xmas with my parents every year) then we'll have a few drinks, maybe play some games and relax.

Xmas day we'll open gifts then my dad and mum will cook the dinner while me, OH and Nan relax and chill out, then we have a big family dinner. After dinner my dad and nan will have a glass of port and fall asleep in front of the TV while the rest of us go for a walk and then spend the evening relaxing.
Me too, and I am watching it on Saturday as I always watch it 5 weeks before Christmas :)

Christmas Eve is the first Christmas that OH and I are spending in our first house together. We're going to go for a curry (as I used to do that with mum and dad before I moved out) and then we're going to go to Midnight Mass at Brentwood Cathedral.

Most of the day will be spent preparing veg for dinner, and pottering about :)

Can't wait!



Fighting the bulge
My actual xmas day routine is to go to the local pub with OH and have a few drinks with close friends, then its off to my mums as its her bday on xmas day!! This year it will be extra special cuz its her 50th!

Im going to do all the cooking and i'll have my 12 month old nephew over!! It should be great!! xx


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Well I usually spend Xmas eve wrapping all my mum's presents to the family (apart from my own!). I'm a bit of an obsessive Capricorn, so I can't stand watching my mother wrap presents - it takes her hours, lol! Half an hour and I've got the job done, lol! :8855:

Other than that we usually spend some time preparing food for Christmas day, things like the chestnut stuffing, and the sage, onion and sausagemeat stuffing (as you can tell I plan on having Christmas day off plan :eek:), and I'll probably make some mince pies etc. I love cooking for Christmas! :D xxx

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