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whay is it so hard to stay off the scales


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they become addictive, I've tried staying off them, mine will be banished to the loft very soon, I stand on them have a wee then stand on them again just to see if I weigh less, first thing butt naked then once I'm dressed, it is total madness. :D:D:D:D


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I'm the same i go on the scales everyday , is this a good thing or bad huh lol
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I tried, I failed... what am I talking about... I never tried, have weighed daily all the way through, probably always will!!



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i have been on my scales about 5 times today!
thats wat i get for not normally being at home


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I have weighed everyday 3 times for the last 3 days. This morning was showing a gain so guess who was in a grump?? :mad: :cry:(and i've been 100% good)

Got home tonight to find BF (bless him) has hidden them :D how thoughtful is that!! He says that way I won't be tempted to check on progress each day and just take my official WI as progress on a weekly basis.

I know he's right, but it's soo hard to not be curious!!!


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Argh, I'm obsessed with the scales! I do what Melanie does, jump on, off, have a wee, back on again!


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I weigh myself morn and nite before and after wee lol.On WI day I put clothes on weigh change clothes weigh do this till I get my lightest clothes :D But cant hide them would have to pay to be weighed in boots every day twice lol and that would mean less new clothes .


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We never had scales in the house as our girls were growing up because i didnt want them to be thinking about weight. We got some when we started our diet on Jan 7 this year and i was AMAZED at how they can affect your moods!!!!! One pound either way can make you feel so different so we have banned them again for awhile. Just measuring ourselves with baggy clothes.......and our clothes are getting baggier!
If there were a fire in my house in the morning, I would jump on the scales before evacuating. It is addictive and I have yet to resist just one morning! I do remember reading an article before though, that said those who weighed themselves regularly had better control over their weight... so maybe it is a good thing. I feel in control doing it every morning to be honest.
All sorts of things will upset the balance of your weight loss and TOTM is one of them, are you holding on to the water you have drunk, have you been to the loo properly. I had my worst week ever when I found I had put on nearly 4lbs overnight and hadnt once cheated on the diet. I was beside myself, tearful, stressed, on the phone to my mother, anyone else that would listen to my tale of woe, the whole nine yards.
I am now weighing myself once a week, most of the time, only once have I tried a mid week weigh in and I am so much happier. The weight is still coming off, but the diet has just become "something I am doing" instead of the huge obsession it was previously. Do yourselves a favour and put them away in a cupboard with a promise that you will let them out for good behaviour on 1 day each week. You too will become much happier.


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I have broken the cycle for today have been getting up going for a wee than getting on the scales, But not today, im dertimned not to weigh myself untill at least tommorow..... lol



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The battery has gone in my scales so that has put an end to that. Mind you I've been struggling lately and it's funny how you don't want to get on the scales when you know you will see a gain.

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