when are you weighed in?


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I weigh in every week, but on different days depending on when work allows/permits me to work from home. I weigh in at around 10:30am no matter what day .......



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Every Monday - 4.30pm :)


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My weigh in is on a Tuesday morning with me.....

I weigh every day but ignore it really until Tuesday which is my official one!


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Sunday morning, first thing, naked and after a wee lol! I weigh at home as my first cdc didnt weigh me at all and my second one I see at night and we didnt want to ruin my momentum!

Mrs Roch

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Has been a Thursday evening between 6-6:30pm but have had to change that recently because of finances.

Got weighed last night and now not getting weighed again until next Wednesday - think I might revert back to my Thursdays after that.


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I weigh in with me on Sunday mornings....as soon as I get up....weigh with my CDC whenever I see her, around once a month.....like Coley, I weigh everyday, just ignore the results really until my 'official' day!


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fortnightly too,

Saturday afternoon at 12.45pm when I've finished work.


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Every Thursday evening at around 5.30 after work. Must get some scales at home but get really obsessed with them!!


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every monday morning officially. every day at home really but only move my ticker according to what isobels scales say not mine