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When did people notice your weight loss?


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People noticed at the end of week for me-bt that's becase it all went off my face!! Oh-and my hands!!
I had a lot to lose so it took longer. It was probably about 4 stone off for me - maybe a bit more. This is from people who I hadn't told I was dieting.

Once it starts though it doesn't seem to stop. Every day someone is telling you how great you look. Its incredible!


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i noticed i felt slimme ron first week as lost 12 but defiently on my 2nd now ppl are noticing on my face that im slimmer x
It all went from my face first too, but about three weeks into the diet I had a haircut and new style. Around then soooo many people (who didn't know I was on the diet) kept telling my how absolutely wonderful my new haircut is and how much thinner it makes my face look!

Oh well, I guess I have a way to go before people really realise. For now I'm happy knowing that my hair will grow again, but my face is going to stay slimmer :)

Dee x


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TBH - I think people have only really started to notice mine now as well... Alot of it is to do with how you disguise your weight though as well. When I tell people I was nearly 14 and a half stone - no one can believe me, they think I'm winding them up, but that was because my weight is ALL OVER so I carry.
When I told my Dr I was obese he said I was overweight - when he weighed me he apologised and had to agree - again its how you disguise it hun!

As long as you know - thats all that counts xxxx
Last week I bumped into an friend I haven't seen for a long time and she is the only person who has made a comment about my weight loss without knowing I am on a diet.

I'm on week 6 and have lost 25 lbs so far.

I think when people see you all the time, they don't notice the gradual loss. Also, I keep well covered up .... I am saving myself for my big reveal in a gold bikini :rolleyes:


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It is strange, I wasnt getting any comments really apart from my mum, but the last few weeks I have lost nothing, but loads of people are noticing! Almost every day at work someone notices now, but while it was coming off noone did!
3 and a half weeks in and just over a stone down and nobody has noticed for me yet. Think I was good at disguising it too and when I told a couple of friends that I was over 15 stone a few weeks ago, they didnt believe me.
Thanks everyone.

DH mentioned tonight that I looked slimmer - although he may be angling for something:D;):eek:

Also, I've realised that all this winter I've been wearing my big fleecy jumper for school pick ups - I bought it when heavily pg last year as a winter coat, unfortunately it still fit me (although more snuggly) this winter, despite not being pg:(:eek:, so I guess I've been hidden away in this so no-one will have seen my progress.

Let's hope that in a month or two's time I can emerge from my fleece coccoon and emerge a skinny butterfly:p:D


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Maybe it's because you are wearing the same clothes. People have got used to seeing the clothes, rather than the person.
Mine went off my face so everyone thought i was terribly ill!

Lisa Marie

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I think a lot of it depends on how much you have to lose. I had 5 stone to lose and people started making comments about my weight loss last week when I'd lost about a stone & a half.


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i loose it from my face 1st, but no1 notices until i loose a LOT which i dont need to do....but its nice when someone DOES notice
most people say its the 3 stone barrier that people notice, thats what happened with me, but some people just notice a difference, not the actual weight loss!!!
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Mine was around the 2.5-3 stone mark... mind you some people didn't seem to notice until I had lost the full 5 stone!


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