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When did people notice your weight loss?

I was just wondering when did people notice you had lost weight - I have lost 21 lbs and no one has noticed:sigh: I keep thinking someone will say something but nope - not yet anyway. I am losing baby weight and am still much heavier than I was pre pregnancy - maybe that is why - maybe people wont comment until Im nearly back to my old size ???
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My hairdresser noticed two days ago, she was the first person! I was really taken aback and didn't know what to say!

I think it must be different with post-pregnancy loss, I notice it on my sister who had a baby in May, but I don't say anything because I know she's a bit sensitive about it.
My boyfriend commented that I had lost weight after I had lost 10lbs but I work abroad and fly back to London at weekends so I think because we had been apart for a week, he really noticed the difference...

I think that's what made my hairdresser notice, she hadn't seen me since before the diet, so she was seeing me 22lbs lighter than the last time I went.

Just bear in mind that people not commenting doesn't mean they haven't noticed.

Some people don't know exactly what to say, my mum pointed out to me that it's difficult to say someone looks really good, without implying they looked bad before they went on the diet. I also think (sad but true) some people feel a bit threatened by the idea of other people losing weight and (hopefully) becoming more attractive.
ive lost a stone and people have noticed but maybe they said something because i told them that i was on a diet.
A lot of people I know didnt comment until Id lost about 7/8 stones lol Its only now that people comment ALL the time, so much so its almost embarassing but I dont for a moment believe theyve only just noticed.

A lot of people will be reluctant to mention it for a variety of reasons. Dont you worry the compliments will be coming in fast and furious soon :)


Don't worry, be happy :)
As others have said having lost nearly 2 stones already i'm sure they will have noticed, however maybe don't want to seem rude by bringing up your weight as some people are really sensitive about it.
Although I don't really know anyone that would be offended by being told they look good having lost weight!
Also as others have said when people lose weight it often makes others jealous as not only will you be looking better but its a clear sign that you are motivated and in control.
You just keep doing what your doing and try not to worry too much about what others think,at the end of the day if you feel good (or better)about yourself then thats all that matters.:)
Hiya :) I've lost 2 stone and people only started commenting on it this week!

Personally I think that some people's silence was down to jealousy and some just don't know how to broach the subject.

Don't worry though, people will soon be noticing and telling you how fab you look :)

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