when do i go on 2 maintanance?

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    hi everyone

    i was just wondering when im suppost to move on to the maintanance plans?

    I thought i read somewhere that you have to stop SS when you reach BMI of 25. Is this right?

    Im now down to BMI of 24.9 but my CDC has told me i can continue on SS untill i reach goal which would give me a BMI of 23.

    Can anyone help please?
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  3. MadamDotty

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    You should stop SSing when your BMI gets to 25 as at this stage you don't have enough fat to burn and you could ending up losing muscle.

    You should now start moving up the steps doing a week or two on each one until your weight stabilises. You'll still lose weight as you go up the plans, I lost my last half-stone this way, until you get to the point where your weight stabilises and then you'll know how many cals you can have to maintain.


  4. MaxieP

    MaxieP Full Member


    I'm now at BMI 23.6 and still on SS, my cllr hasn't mentioned anything about stopping. I'm planning on another two weeks and then reintroducing food. I didn't realise that you could still lose weight whilst introducing food. I'm still confused and I'm on day 112 of abstinence (was a LLer but switched). I haven't eaten since January and would love to start now!!!

    Maxie xxx
  5. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    BMI 23.6 and SS-ing :eek: :eek: Maxie - you should have started moving up the plans at BMI 25 !!! SPEAK TO YOUR CDC !!!

    Madam Dotty is spot on....need to start moving up when BMI reaches 25....

  6. MaxieP

    MaxieP Full Member

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread!

    She's on hols for 2 weeks so can't talk to her. I wonder if this is why for the last week or so (for the first time since starting) I've been starting to get hungry. I would love to start eating because I'm desperate to up the exercise.

    Do you think I should start now, or wait until she comes back and I can speak to her. I want to lose about another stone.
  7. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

    Hiya - think you should start moving up the plans now !
    have you got the yellow booklet which outlines what to eat etc ??

    Most people still lose weight as they move up...

  8. MaxieP

    MaxieP Full Member


    Thanks for that. Will have a look through the book and then start at the weekend. Thought I was feeling hungry cos my resolve was weakening as I was nearing the end!!!

    I love running so, more than weight, I want to be fit again. I really can't run far on SS as it makes me feel so faint.

    Can I just say I started at 17stone 3lbs and am aiming for 10stone 7lbs too!!!


    Maxie xxx
  9. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member


    WOW !!! well done you :D :D



    Debz xx
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