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When do you start to actually SEE the weight loss? :)

Hi everyone,

Just looking for some inspiration here mainly! lol
Im feeling really down today, not Sure why?
As some of you know, i started 790 over a week ago, but Sunday i caved and ate carbs! :( I regreted straight away, and decided that i would forget 790 and just do ss'ing from now on. So...ive been ss'ing since Monday successfully so far (has not been easy!)

So, im just wondering when you actually see the difference in your shape ect? As i was on LL before for about a month, in total ive lost about 1stone4lbs. I cant see a difference though and its really disheartning. :break_diet:

When did you start to notice your losses??

Kendra xxxx
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I have always found it hard to be honest about the size of my body....the best way is to do your measurements. I found my underwear getting lose and my bra sliding up my back. Though I must say I didnt realise until my mate said it was about time I got some new clothes as my old stuff was sooo baggy it looked awful.
Well I thought I would try the biggest size in Evans and it was hanging, so I managed to get into a 26/28 instead of 32/34.

I am now able to see where the weight has gone from, and Im loving it, I have a size 22 top hanging in my dining room now for inspiration as I have struggled to get back on track.

Hi Chillibub here

I personally felt like I'd lost some weight after about a stone and a half. It's been great people coming up to me and telling me that I've lost lots of weight - big confidence boost.


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hi kendra,

i have only lost 1lb more than u and i dont see a difference either but i do FEEL it. clothes looser, easier to do little things around the house and generally feeling better. i reckon it'll be another 2 stones before i start seeing a difference but thats fine by me. i started at 10 stones overweight so always knew it would be ages before i started looking smaller.

im assuming u arent in ketosis yet so it will be difficult for a few more days but the longer u go without buckling, the easier the diet is.


You might find other people notice the loss before you do. I'm 3 stones down now, and 2 clothes sizes, so i'm noticing that, but I went to a family party at the weekend and people just kept on telling me how they can't believe how different I look. I look in the mirror and I can't see any difference lol.
i think when you lose the first 1.5 stone that's when people start to notice so for you probably next week people will start to comment ;)
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Hey hun,

I've lost 10lbs and need to lose about 4 stone altogether. 2 of my friends from uni have already come up to me and told me I look slimmer, am I on a diet? My boyfriend says I look smaller and is sad that my arms dont wobble as much- he is judging my loss not by inches or lbs but by the 'wobble test' lol.

I have noticed my comfy fit jeans are now much too big and am now back into a pair that I had to stop wearing as they had got too small! Although I haven't gone down a size yet, I am noticing the difference- and so are other people. So don't despair, although you may not see it- others do, and you will soon notice the changes. Its excellent motivation, I hope you find it soon!

i know how you feel - i've been on SS now since Jan 12th - i began on LL, but switched in week 4 - and even though i've lost 33 lbs - i still cant see any difference - none of my clothes feel any different i still cant get into size 22 jeans even!!
most frustrating - but i feel so different, and i know that its clearly working, so every day i wake up knowing that once again my body will be a wonderous inferno burning away little bits of fat - and that in itself puts a spring in my step!

so hang in there - and sooner or later the difference will be staring you back in the face!!

oh its all so exciting?!?!

Aww thanks again ladies!!

I suppose everyone is different eh? lol
And you are all right, others probably notice it more than us! :eek: For those of you who feel the same as me...keep going like i am and we will be amazed by ourselves in no time im sure!

Kendra xxx


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
absoliutely kendra! to be honest im quite happy with people not commenting. think i will feel awkard when they do. i mean yeah i want it to show but...i dunno. spent to long trying to not be noticed LOL


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When i lost 5stone last year with cd although everyone kept saying how good I looked and commenting on how much Id lost Im afraid to say I couldnt see it! Yes I could fit in smaller clothes but if I looked in the mirror I couldnt tell a difference at all. I guess its a bit of a mind game as Im so used to being overweight that I cant get my head around it when Im not. Sarahxx.
For me it took 1 month and three weeks before seeing a difference. I think it depends upon your body shape and where you see it shift. My fingers started going thin at first followed by my love handles then boobs and then belly. I was a size 20 when I started on the 6th of Jan however, yesterday I got into size 16 jeans (from Dorthy perkins) and size 14 top - I really think it depends on where your body wants to shift the fat. I also walk the dog now for 1-2 hours per day so feel quite toned up.
Mine was about 1 1/2 stone when I really noticed. I didnt notice in my clothes until then but I think thats because all my trousers all had stretch in them and I was probably just squeezing myself ino a size smaller than I should have been wearing!! Also I seemed to have lost quite a bit off the tops of my legs and it wasnt something i noticed until my CDC measured them (mind you my hubby said tonite that hes never seen my legs look so slim!!)which I'm over the moon about because I've always been typical pear,big bum,hips and thighs. After the first 1 1/2 stone it became much more noticeable and I dropped from a 20/22 to a 16 really quickly. Ithink we're just all so different and lose in different places. Oh and my feet have gone down 1/2 a size too!!

Nikki x
Some people that knew I was doing CD said after about 1 stone that they could see a difference, but it's only now after losing nearly 3 stone that people are really noticing. I suppose it depends on how much you have to lose as I started with 11.5 stone to lose, so a stone off that is really not that much and I don't blame people for not noticing. I can really start to tell myself now too. Although something my CDC got me to do when I lost a stone was to pick up a tray of tetra briks as that's approx a stone. It was amazing to pick it up as it seemed quite heavy. I should find something that weighs 3 stone! I bet I wouldn't be able to carry it!


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I've lost 24lb and it's now really noticeable- two girls at work have stopped me and asked for the number of my CDC! :D a pair of trousers that were really tight on me three weeks ago are now really loose (almost too loose) and most of my clothes are starting to look a bit stupid. Stilll got a long way to go, but it's a promising start!

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