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When do you take your Christmas decorations down?


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Little Christmas/Women’s Christmas (Ireland)

In Ireland, January 6th is known as Little Christmas because, until the Gregorian calendar began being used, Christmas was actually celebrated on the 6th of January, and not on the 25th of December.
The day is also known as Women’s Christmas because in many Irish homes around the world, women have the “day off” to celebrate with friends and go out to eat with other women while the men take over the household duties.

January 6th--A Holiday Around the World: The Epiphany, Three Kings' Day, Twelfth Night, La Befana, and More

Traditionally after the 6th of January, otherwise known as "Little Christmas".

I normally do it when everyone goes back to work.
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i was supposed to do it today (nw years) but im ill :(


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Tradition has it that the decorations come down on 12th Night (6th January), My Mums birthday is on the 7th January (she will be 92 next Wednesday) and she says she used to be very upset because the decorations were taken down before her birthday.
Usually Boxing Day afternoon/evening
(if I bothered to put anything up at home, that is. Spending every Xmas away from home, I tend not to bother, this year I put up nothing so nothing to take down, less work! :D )
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am gonna do ours on monday, before the girls go back to school on tues and i go back to work, so tues will be our 1st day back to normality..thank god!!
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i will be doing mine the 7th thats when sophie is back at playschool :) she already has half the stuff of the tree and im peed of putting it back on :rolleyes: !!!
our cat,nina keeps taking the baubles off and rolling them along the windowsill. she has quite a collection behind the curtain now, have given up putting them back, figures it'll be less work on monday:D


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I like to take mine down before new year. Like to start Jan 1 all clean and fresh.
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I cant decide when to take them down now lol. may just wait til the 6th

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Just finished taking ours down - its a mammoth task that takes the best part of an afternoon :eek:. Had the flu since just after Xmas day so today is the first day I've felt up to doing anything. Back at work on Monday, so I couldn't face having to take the decs down on the twelfth night after a day at work.

.......I have been known to take the whole lot down on Boxing Day in a mad fit when I was sick to death of seeing everything round the place :D

House is all nice and tidy again now!
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I like to keep them up until the 6th (i.e. as long as possible) but my husband decided he was sick of Christmas yesterday and took them all down, so now the house is all bare again (but at least I don't have to pack them away!)
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Have taken all the bits and pieces down today..still have tree and outside lights up..until tomorrow night when i will take them down..


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We took all of ours down today, the house looks so bare without them up :(


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did ours last night. the tree blocks the view from one of the sofas to the TV , ands its where my bro always sits, so he has been eger to get it down all week


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I take mine down asap after new year, so this year as i was recovering from overindulgance on Jan 1 i took them down Jan 2, as i am back to work tomorrow:-(

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