When does points allowance drop?


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Hi there

Asking on behalf of a friend who is on 38pp a day but last week dropped down into the next stone bracket, she wasn't told at class to lower her points allowance but it's a busy class and wondered if it was overlooked?

On the PP system when do you drop down points? I am unsure as I am only on the 29pp a day already!

Thanks in advance x
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I think, it's every time you lose a stone, but not sure if this is when you go down a bracket, or have lost 14lb IYKWIM?!

Mine went down recently as I got a year older, depressing!!

If she uses the online tools, when she tracks her weight, it'll pop up if she her points allowance changes.



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I lost 7lb and mines dropped to 42 but it did It online no-one told me too at the meeting


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My leader never told me when to drop my points, the online tracker did instead. I seem to drop a point every time I lose 7lb.


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When I googled it my points worked out like this-
Female was x amount of points
Age was x amount of points
And for weight I was 189 pounds so it told me to use the first two numbers so 18 and add all the points together (there were more parts to it than this just wanted to get the weight bit across)
When I dropped to 179 pounds my daily allowance went down to 29 so I'm now on the lowest it goes. So I assume if I was 230 pounds I'd have 23 plus the other factors. Not sure if that's the actual formula as my weight watchers online did my calculations I was just googling out of curiosity so don't hold me to it :)


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I started off on 31 points, then after 5lbs dropped to 30, then after another 3 lbs, dropped to 29! I only found out because I put my weight into esource after each meeting. When I asked my leader about this, she said that she wouldn't normally check points again until a stone is lost, which is possibly why people's points have been overlooked at the meeting. She said that a lot of it was to do with age, so the older you are, the quicker your points will drop. I would go with every 7lb as already said to be on the safe side. Only problem with this is that I still have another 6 stone to lose, and I'm already on 29 points, so not sure what I'm going to do when I stop losing weight!!