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When Saturday comes


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I may well have just not looked hard enough, but I didn't see any sort of Saturday weigh in thread, so I thought I'd start one as I'm making Saturday my weigh in day. It's the day that I'm most likely to go out so potentially indulge in occasional treat and therefore it gives me a week after any slips ups to get back on track before weighing myself again. It's also the day I'm most likely to have the time for stuff as I don't often work weekends at the moment!

So my first weigh in ever is:
18st7lb :sigh:

Not the figure I want, but then I wouldn't be here if it was!
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Well done. Like the idea about the week to get back on track


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Saturday is my day too... although the first 2 weeks i'm weighing daily.

I'm 18stone 3lb to start with... eek. Lots to lose. Only on day 4. I'll check back in here on Saturday and let you know how the first week went :)


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You can state your weight now if you want.
I started my diet last Saturday, when i weighed 18stone3. Currently 6lbs down and looking forward to weigh-in Saturday ;)
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Checking my spreadsheet last saturday I was 127lbs. Don't know how well this week will have gone I've done everything right calories exercise etc but I feel fatter.


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So excited to weigh in for this first week that i went to bed early last night and woke up early this morning. I doubt i'll be quite so excited in the week's to come when the loss isn't so nice.

This week's weigh-in is -9.5lb officially (because my locum makes me weigh in kg so i have to convert) but my scales actually say 10lb. ;-). I'm happy!


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well the official weight isn't quite official until i've given it to my locum and it's all been recorded... but that's what it will be... just that it differs by 0.5lb ;)
Hey it can only mean that that 0.5 will be on there next week! Don't have quite as an impressive loss I'm 3.2 lb this week (which seems rather a lot for me)


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How did everyone do this week?

I stayed the same this week. Which considering the week i've just been through is actually a minor miracle. Last weekend i had some very bad news about a terminally ill family member and totally went off my VLCD plan. I ate like crazy for around 3 days, before coming to my senses and this time starting on Exante, similar VLCD plan but more flexible - i couldn't drop down to eating one meal a day on the plan i was on before and i think i need that flexibility right now as we have a whole lot going on... i'm hoping if i start struggling again too much i'll end up just adding the one meal a day instead of coming totally off the rails like i did this week.

Anyway, good luck everyone... hope you had good weeks!?
i'm sorry about the news. Hope it's a tincy bit better?

I've lost 0.2lb which I'm doubtful about... Last week I was artificially light as I had ahem expelled everythign the day before due to illness and this week I weighed myself this morning after an hours run... Ah well my losses will be slowed another week. I'm happy with my -0.2lb with my six cake binge yesterday... Just couldn't stop. I'm sure people get my drift...


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Sorry to hear that losing, hope the lack of gain at least makes it a little better for what it's worth.

It's clearly a binge week for the Saturday crew as me and Ms Don had a blow out on Sunday with Burger king whilst in Manc and takeaway when we got back. Still managed to lose 2lbs somehow (ate very carefully the rest of the week) so riding at 17st13 now.

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