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When will they stop giving you lipotrim?

Hiya.. I'm new here and have just started on lipotrim.. am on day 5 at the mo and finding it grande so far..

I want to lose apx 35lbs - to get down to 9.5st (133lbs) which is my ideal..
I'm 5'6 and currently 173lbs.. The healthy weight for my height ranges from 118lbs - 155lbs..

My bmi is 27.4 but will be 25 when I reach 11stone (140lbs) .. which is nowhere near where I want to be!!

I'm just wondering will the chemist let me continue? I'm petrified that they won't!! Has anyone gone under BMI 25 with lipotrim?

Thanks in advance.. x
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I am about 24 bmi now hun and my pharmicist was willing to let me carry on. It was my decision to stop. I think some pharmicists are a bit more strict though xxx
Ah ok.. thanks for the reply Tracy and well done on your weightloss!!!!
Yeah but Trace flutters eyes at the geezer behind the counter:p x


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Lol it worked on you!! Glad you're back hun xxx


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mine hasnt said anything other than to ask when i felt i wanted to stop, checked out what the bmi rating would be, the weight i wanted and said fine..that was it..perhaps i was lucky?!

h xx


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Mine never said anything either!! Im usually lucky if i get any conversation outta her!!!


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yep, mine doesnt even look at my weight loss reciept. If i start looking anorexic they might start noticing!! (dont worry i'm not going to go that far!)
Lets be honest, im not saying all but its just a money spinner for them, fair play. We just have to take on that responsibility ourselves and stop when enough is enough:)
Thanks lads,
Yeah - I spoke to the girl in the chemist yesterday and she told me that once I stop within my healthy weight and bmi range it's not a problem to continue after bmi25..
So I'm all happy now!! Thanks for taking the time to reply!!



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They actually told me i could go about 3 spaces into my healthy bmi range, i think that is good advice. That would prob take me to about 23 bmi so not too low xx

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