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when ya have house and 3 kids who needs the gym

I have so much to do today house work to catch up on and kids are still off school so i thought when i im mopping the floor im going to get me hips right into it lol blast some music round the house and really work up a sweat with the hoovering who needs to pay for a gym when you can get some excersise right at home doing day to day duties it also takes me mind off things i cant have lol :p
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Fantastic....and a sparkling clean house to boot!!! Mind you, if you live in a house and the loo is upstairs, you do about 2 miles a day doing a wee!!!! Better than stairmaster! Hope you have a much better loss next week.
ohhhh so do i but its my totm as from today so maybe that why i didnt lose that much i feel bloated yet ive been so bloody good if the kids have had a easter egg and not finished it all i just put it right away out of my focus and same with food i give my poor o/h so much i made him and my kids eat all the bacon today in his like of work he burns cals off like theres no tomorrow and my kids never stop and sit down my daughter is high school musical mad and always dancing about to the music my son is just hyper lmao just wish i had their energy sometimes .... as for the clean house well as you know when you have kids it only stays clean for half a day if you lucky so theres always something to do lol xx
Theres newt betta,i did mine on mon top 2 bottom,also did frnt garden fink i over did it tho my legs were killin tue in work lol x x


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I always make sure I get to the Gym when I can, because I'm not workig right now and have no kids so need to make sure I'm active. It's not too expensive for me either cos I'm on a reduced rate due to being unemployed. Ooooo I might be posh and try out the Power Plates next time I'm there.
Good on you for being so focused at home though. I always admire people that can manage that. My attention span is so short sometimes lol!
im on maternity from work at the mo im a chef ahhhhhhhhhh but not due to go back till sept so shud be fine by then you are on ya feet constantly when you have 7 yr old 5 yr old and 6month old lol and doin the school run will be great as im going to take the pram out instead of car so im saving me pennies not only with petrol but gym prices too im planning on buying a wii fit tooxxx

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