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When you lose a dress size ?

Yeah I'd say about a stone and half, that was just the case for me, guess it different for different people cos people could lose weight in different areas first etc, I dunoo


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It really does depend where you lose weight from. The inches fell from my hips for the first stone but my waist remained the same. So at 10 stone I was still a size 16. Now at 9stone 11 i can just fit into 14s. However my daughter who weighs 10 stone 8 is in size 12 s now X


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i had to lose 10lbs to drop a dress size it depends on your body shape, im pretty even shaped and hour glass so the weight when i lost it , came off everywhere so i dropped a dress size quicker i guess.


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Im now back into a size 12 after being in 14's ever since having my DS.
I have lost 16 lbs. Hth
ive lost 10 lbs now and I have moved from a 12 to a 10, i have an hourglass figure


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i started off in size 18/20 on bottom and 16/18 on top ... now i'm a 16 on the bottom, and a 12/14 on top! and that's nearly 3 stone down, think somewhere someone said it's on average 1 stone 5lbs to a dress size... but like others have already said it's down to the individual and your body shape :)
Ive lost 26 pounds and gone down about one and a half dress sizes I reckon... Was 16/18 now i am a proper size 14 at 12.2 stones ish. Saying that last time I was 11 stone I could buy 10/12's so all depends on shape and height. My big boobs account for about a stone of my weight! My poor back! x
This dress size to weight thingy always bugs me.

When you read in a slimming magazine "gorgeous Sally now weighs 11 stone and comfortably slips into her size 10 jeans" :eek: I'm thinking... how come Gorgeous Sally, who's 5 foot nothing, is a size 10 at 11 stone?? When I know for a fact I'm 5'9" and at 11 stone I'll be a size 14!!!!!!

Admitedly I'm pear shaped but........ :mad:

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