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where did my ketones go?


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hi all,
i have been doing lipotrim for the last 3 weeks and was in the mid range ketosis (reading of between 4-6) and was feeling no hunger at all.
i switched to CD yesterday and felt great all day but on waking this morning i was starving and have been all day. tummy is rumbling very loudly (so loud the kids keep frowning at me) and ive checked and im only at trace reading of ketones (0.5 bottom reading next to negative):cry:
what happened, why did my ketones abandon me? ive completely stuck to shakes and i drink plenty of water.
at this rate im going to end up eating (especially after 3 weeks of nice ketosis state) :sigh:
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no replies? :cry:
somebody somewhere must have a word of encouragement at least.... surely:confused:
or perhaps not but im bumping this just incase.
Hi Cheryl

Don't give up, maybe it could be because of a difference in what's in the CD shakes and soups compared to LL?? That's what I'd guess anyway. But you said you're still showing traces of ketones which is good news, it will take a few days at least to adjust to CD so don't cave in yet, you're doing brill and if you keep going you're bound to notice a difference...the results are worth it, just take a look at the inspiration slide show if you feel week, that's what I've been looking at most days and hopefully our pics will be up there when our hard owkr pays off!

Keep going hun



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I was never hungry on Lipotrim as well.

Not sure if this applies to you, but I am very sensitive to the CD bars and I find they can take me out of ketosis.

I have started back on Lipotrim as I need something to chew and flapjacks don't activate my sweet tooth.


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thank you both for the replies.
i did have a bar for my evening meal last night, hmmmm.
perhaps i should refrain from bars for the next few days and see if i get back into ketosis, then maybe try a bar and see if this torture happens again.
it would be just my luck to have probs with the bars, the thing i was looking forward to the most, lol.
ty again for ur support, i was feeling very weak willed earlier :eek:


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My CDC said on the phone yesterday not to have a bar in the first 2 weeks, or something like that? So maybe lay off them for a while as you said.

Good luck!


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ty sarah,
i wish my cdc had said that to me if thats whats done this.
she seemed to think that because i was well into the lipotrim plan (which is almost identical and even made by the same company) i would be fine to have the bars.
however, i cant think of any other reason for this to happen.
gonna have no choice but to eat them next week though as she is away on holiday til next saturday so im gonna be stuck with them. will leave it until about day 7 on cd before i risk them again.

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