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Where do you carry your weight?

Where do you carry your weight??

I carry mine on my belly :( I've always had a belly, even as a child. I know I will never have a washboard stomach. I'm just going to be left with a wobbly belly once the weight is gone.

I have lumps and bumps that get a daily poke and prod. I have back fat :( I just hope I can lose that. I hate wearing tops that draw attention to it.

I hate getting undressed in my bedroom as I have a huge full length mirror.
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Aww thats a shame... but i am sure we are all here for the same reason! I carry m y fat everywhere. Mostly my legs bum and belly! i have a lot to lose so i hope one day i can look in the mirror and be happy with myself and my weight :) Good luck hun u can do it xx
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Hi Keighleyjo2010

I think we have to give ourselves permission to be a bit kinder to ourselves about our bodies. We would never criticize a dear friend, child or our moms' the way we pick our bodies to pieces.
I know its a well worn cliche about the images projected in magazines, films, TV being a distorted image of women, but it is true. Cindy Crawford one wrote.."I wish I really looked like Cindy Crawford", meaning her images were air brushed to hell!
However, I know what you mean. I don't really like to look for too long in the mirror at my body before the old demon critic comes out. I used to dislike my fat thighs, now the rest of me is so fat my thighs have dissapeared into insignificance! :8855:
We are in the right place now, addressing the old weight issues, and working hard to get to a healthy weight so we can hold our heads with pride.
Big pats on the back :clap:..t'aint easy :p


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everywhere except my back and my face.

really bad = upper arms; boobs; thighs and calves; lower belly


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I am big all over, but I still love what I see in the mirror. When I was younger and weighed 9st 10lbs I thought I was fat, even though size ten clothes hung off me. Now when I look at those pictures I can't believe how sick I looked. It's the media that is saying as woman we should be a size "stick on legs" when our aim should be a size "healthy"! Keighleyjo2010, I don't know what stage you are at with the CD but you may want to consider exercise to help tone up, I personally find weight training to be very good (and no you will not bulk up) and although I don't do it I have also heard that Yoga is very good for tigthen up skin. Good luck!!!!


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I carry mine same places as Spangles :(
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Pretty even spread for me, apart from of course my huge flapping bingo wings! They've only lost 2 inches within 49lbs lost! Mofos :(
My arms!! They r gross, always have been, oh and my mummy tummy (jelly belly lol) since having my kids, my boobs are like spaniel's ears now haha gotta laugh ain't ya, got some dumbbells for my arms hope they work xx
S: 14st10lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 3st10lb(25.24%)
Oh if only dumbbells worked on boobies lol!


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EVERYWHERE! My fat is not selective where it chooses to park itself.

However since I have lost weight it has come off my face, neck and back...but shoot me now about my thighs and hips arrrggghhh


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